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Thursday, May 2, 2013

[Tia] joins We Love Role-Play Crew

It's official. The countdown for the We Love Role-Play is on and one more merchant was kind to share with me all the sweet creations that will be on display for this event.
I got on my google finger search and grabbed some gorean quotes that support the use of this type of furniture in the gorean world, just to kill my curiosity, i decided to add to this post.
 [Tia] hops on the stage of The Good Gorean today and gladly i present you below what you can find pretty soon at the We Love Role-Play from the super skilled hands of Tia Biscuit.
Thank you!

★ Cottage Fireplace from [Tia] (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Animated Mesh Flame, Touch for Fire On/Off, Customizable Photo Frame and Detachable Chimney Stack. Available in Dark or Bright. Large version is 7 prims and small version is 4 prims. 100% unique mesh and custom baked textures.) ★

★ Laundry Washer Bucket from [Tia] (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes 1 washing/sitting animation, 1 couple rutting animation and gives wearable laundry roll. Available in sex or pg version. 2 Prims. 100% unique mesh and custom baked textures.) ★

★ Old Writing Desk from [Tia] (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes 6 sit animations and candle with flame. Available in 2 wooden tones. Desk is 2 prims and chair is 1 prim. 100% unique mesh and custom baked textures.) ★

 And let me share with you what i'm wearing.

★ Skin from Poudre (Group Gift) ★
★ Hair from Faenzo (1L - Marketplace) ★
★ Mesh Dress with Tangos Applier from Capacious (1L - You’ve Been Tangoed Hunt)
★ Headband & Ear Cuffs from Gspot (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Part of "Extremely Coy" Outfit) ★
★ Spring Crown from Sweet Poison (250L) ★
★ Choker from La Forgia Jewels (270L) ★
★ Ring from +9 (Group Gift) ★
★ Sandals from Latreia (Group Gift) ★
★ Fur Stole from DCNY (Not Available?!?) ★


"The praetor placed the coin on his desk, the surface of which was some seven feet high, below the low , solid wooden bar. the height of the praetors desk, he on the high stool behind it, permits him to see a goodly way up and down the wharves."
 Explorers of Gor, page 54 

 "There was a savage dignity about it, with the shield and spears, all of them stable on the wall, as if ready, like the famous colonial rifle over the fireplace, for instant use; they were all polished and gleamed dully in the half light”  
Tarnsman of Gor, page 21

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