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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Good Gorean Review Policy

I hope nobody gets me wrong in me writing this review policy, these are just a few orientation lines mostly for the store owners, to help clarify how The Good Gorean universe works.

First off, The Good Gorean is a role play fashion and decor blog focusing mostly on role play merchandise however modern/urban clothing can be featured in the blog if well blended to make it fit into the blog's theme. The scenarios that The Good Gorean most focus on is Gorean, GoT, Victorian, Rustic and Ancient Empires role play worlds of Second Life.

If you are not one of my official sponsors and before you send me any package of items for me to blog, please contact me first and ask if i am available to blog it. There are times when i get VERY busy and i would hate to put aside your goodies when i have no spare time to blog them. If you decide to send the packages without consulting me, there is a risk of your goodies not being featured in the blog. Nothing personal...if this happens it's because i had no time!

The Good Gorean reserves the right to not publish items that i won't enjoy or if they don't suit the blog's theme. If i don't like it, whats the point? D:

If any of the official sponsors of this blog became inoperative for over 1 month, The Good Gorean reserves the right to remove the store banner from the website and of course i will leave the bloggers group.

If you are interested in becoming one of The Good Gorean sponsors feel free to contact me (notecard please, im's get capped ALL the time!)
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