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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gspot Loves Role-Play

The last preps are taking place at the We Love Role-Play fashion event and the parcel looks fabulous. I can't get tired of mentioning that all the team involved in this is making a fantastic work and a very organized one.

Gspot clothing store from Jalilah Jewell is participating this project and how glad i was to see her listed as a merchant! I been blogging Gspot since i started this blog and i can say that Jalilah's outfits are a form of art. I give her a rate of 5 stars for such creativity in all the outfits and accessories of Gspot. I can state here that Jalilah Jewell sells some of the most beautiful dresses and outfits for goreans. Do you doubt this? Check out "Extremely Coy", a exclusive for the We Love Role-Play.

"Extremely Coy" from Gspot (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Collar, Necklace, Decorative Shield, Headband, Ear Cuffs, Panties in 5 Sizes, Top in 5 Sizes, Cuffs & Tattoo)

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