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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dysfunctional Designs is Fameshed

Lots of good stuff is going on. Let me give you a quick update! I brand new event kicked off today called Thrift Shop and don't be fooled by the name this event is 100 times better then a real thrift store *lol*. Tia is participating and putting for sale some of the bedroom pieces of the vintage collection. I posted about the release HERE so you can have a sneak peak of some of the items.

 The Box, Perfect Wardrobe, Designer Circle, The Gorean Room and Acid Lilly Gallery are up and running with tons of new clothes and accessories. The Truth Hair sale continues and SLink is hosting a 30% off sale till May 3rd however don't get too excited because everything in store is on sale except mesh hands and that's a boomer.

 The Men Only Hunt 3 started recently so you hot dewdes of second life can look even hotter at no cost. You can find a bunch of free items like skins, clothes, accessories, you name it! Visit the official website of the hunt and browse around the bloggers pictures to pick your items. There's a lot of other hunts that started so if you want the complete list i suggest you visit SL Hunts for more detailed information. Good Luck!

The spotlight today goes to Fameshed and it's 1 year anniversary! Congrats for a super year of wonderful shopping and being a success, cheers from The Good Gorean! Dysfunctional Designs is being part of this celebration so i want to share with you all what Miss Anke and her team put together exclusively for the Fameshed event. This mesh fireplace set comes with a ton of texture options and it will look great either in a urban or rustic home.

★ Victorianesque Fireplace from  Dysfunctional Designs (Available at Fameshed. Includes 4 Main Stone Textures, 4 A. Stone Textures, 4 Metal Textures & 3 Wood Textures. 1 Prim.) ★

★  Fireplace Tools from  Dysfunctional Designs (Available at Fameshed. Includes 4 Stand Textures and 4 Tools Textures. 1 Prim.) ★ 

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