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Friday, May 3, 2013

Brandon by The Forge

I admit, has been a long time i havent taken pictures of my little "dude" but yesterday when i received a package i told myself "ok, its time". Men Only Hunt 3 couldn't be open in a better time so there i went hunting around for bargains and remake my male avatar. The items i found are not hard to find so you won't have any difficulty at all.

Adding to these cool freebies, what I'm wearing is even more "cooler". Ez Weaponry and The Forge are well known stores by the gorean public starting with the quality of the weapons to the great clothing, furniture and other accessories. The options are endless and you can find a little bit of everything perfectly fitting your role-play needs. Recently the Mesh Fort Building Kit and the Mesh Viking Skuldelev Ship became a BOOM in goreans regions all over the grid. If you don't recognize these items by the name, visit Ez Weaponry and you they will certainly ring a bell as you glance over the pictures. 

Today i introduce to you Sir "Brandon". A young gorean warrior wearing a creation by The Forge and he's ready to kick some @ss with this good looking bow from Ez Weaponry. Available just for you at We Love Role-Play event.

★ "Brandon" Mesh Outfit from The Forge (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Tunic, Pants in 3 Sizes, Non Rigged Boots & Armour. Full Rigged Outfit.) ★

 ★ Shape from Belissima (Free - Men Only Hunt 3) ★
★ Skin from Tableau Vivant (Free - Men Only Hunt 3) ★
★ Hair from Damselfly (Freebie) ★
★ Beard from FRUK (Group Gift) ★

★ "Guilded Bow of Jie" from Ez Weaponry (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Guilded Bow of Jie, Series Novo 2.02, Quiver, Sheath, Hud & Unarmed Fist Fighter. ) ★

EZ WEAPONS - novo2 bow series

    - NO delay when drawing.
    - Low bounce on prim and ground.
    - Great performance in lag.
    - Accurate hit reports, if it reports you hit and vice versa.
    - High performance single script arrows.
    - Trigger precision -- Woah!!! .8 every time? [.9 for long range] and it doesn't queue up shots I don't want?? [special thanks to Lego]
    - Three arrow choices- high visibility.
    - Large variety of arc choices.
    - Autofire.

    /1 draw bow
    /1 sheath bow
    /1 drawsheath bow

    /1 range
    /1 long
    /1 short
    /1 lob - switches to the lob arrow [-100 arc and 40m/s speed]
    /1 arc - toggles through the choices, default: 25 [50, 25, 15, 5, -10, -20, -30, -100]
    /1 arc X - use one of the arcs listed above to change to that particular one instantly.

    /1 arrow - toggles between the different arrow choices.

            note:  half splash can still do 3.5m damage but wont report it, direct only arrows will not do splashes even in splash sims
                        no splash still does splash, you just wont get the report of it
    /1 af - toggles between autofire on/off [adds .05 delay per shot] Default: off

    /1 height - it will toggle through the following choices: [0.0, .05, .1, .15, .2, .25, .3]
    /1 height X - simply entering one of the numbers above will select that height instantly.

    /1 sound - toggles between the sounds with preview of each one.

    /1 reset - resets bow to default settings.
======Change Logs======
Rewrote 90% of the novo script.
New mesh arrows, 3 choices total
Removed position correction
Removed custom arrow speed
Major optimization to the control structure.
Added multiple report types and direct only arrow.
Stripped down to the bare minimum, keeping it low memory while maintaining important functions. 

“The small bow has many advantages. High among these is the rapidity with which it may be drawn and fired. A skilled warrior, in the Gorean gravity, can fire ten arrows into the air, the last leaving the bow before the first has returned to the earth. No Gorean weapon can match it in its rate of fire. At close range, it can be devastating. Two further advantages of the small bow that might be mentioned are its maneuverability and its capacity to be concealed, say beneath a robe. It can be easily swept from one side of the kaiila to the other.”
Savages of Gor, page 46 
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