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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Aspasia of Miletus

On Thursday, Sept. 13, Ebbe Altberg the CEO of Linden Lab, hosted a town hall meeting for all Second Life residents. The town halls deliver a better insight of what changes might be in the agenda of Linden Lab. This last one was definitely worth the time. So, you ask, what’s coming? Last avatar names are finally returning. According to Ebbe, this change to take effect sometime in the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019. There will also be new premium subscription options very soon, a Linux viewer, and marketplace improvements. If you want to participate in the next town hall meetings, just visit the featured news blog for dates and other important announcements.


Speaking of important announcements, Hair Fair 2018 is almost here. Saturday, Sept. 22 is the first day of this beloved annual event that so many people anxiously wait for. The best way to prepare your shopping list and avoid the lag monster is to join the Hair Fair Group to access demos and direct landmarks.


Between the Hair Fair and our awesome fantasy designers, I have plenty to be excited about, and today Faida and Velvet Whip made my day. These two stores has been a staple of role-play fashion – especially gor – and a few months ago, they committed to a wonderful partnership to create scripted pieces of clothing. This puppy does about everything for you. When someone touches your dress, you will be asked to authorize the person. If permission is granted, the other player will be allowed to rip your clothing going from fully covered to naked. You also have emote options, and you may ban or unban users from your preferences. It is so much to fun to play with!


"Paradox - Blondes" from Stealthic (300L)

"Ketziah" Tattoo from Endless Pain Tattoos (299L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Maitreya, SLink, Omega and Belleza Tattoo Appliers)

 "Poppea - Deep Onyx" from Faida and Velvet Whip (Available at We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Menu Driven Mesh Dress with 4 Custom Options, Emote Options and Ban/Unban User Options. Available in Blue, Deep Garnet, Deep Onyx, Emerald, Onyx, Scarlet, and White)

"Tears Suit - Single" from E.V.E. (Available at We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Glitter-Jewelry Suit with HUD with Options for Glow, Bright, Alpha, 1 Gold Material + 1 Glitter-Water Material. Available in Single and Fatpack. Fatpack Includes 8 8 Metal Materials (Metal Base) + 8 Glitter-Water Materials (Liquid Cover)

"Anger Tiara" from Yokai (Free Gift - The Imaginarium Event)

"Bees of Malia - Minoan Choker" from Bliensen + MaiTai (199L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Include Mesh Choker with Copy & Mod Permissions)

Poses from LB A&R Haven Place (Free Gift) 

Location: Yorkshire

"References to a powerful woman named Aspasia, the live-in partner of the ancient Greek statesman Pericles, appear in the writings of Plato, Aristophanes, Xenophon and other classical Athenian authors. It is thought that she was born in the Ionian colony of Miletus around 470 B.C. and moved to Athens, where she became a hetaera—a type of courtesan who received an education in order to keep intelligent, sophisticated men company—and possibly ran a brothel. She then moved in with Pericles and bore him a son; according to Plutarch, the prominent politician loved her so much that he kissed her every morning and evening until the day he died. Because Aspasia was a foreigner, Athenian law prevented the couple from marrying."

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Snowshill Manor

Are you having a good weekend so far? A blanket, a movie, popcorn, and maybe some pew-pew are on my plans for the next couple of days.

I am on the works with the GE Maps. Thank you for everybody that reached out by sending notecards and landmarks during the time I was gone on vacations. I gathered all the information and I am currently working in updating the listing. GE Maps – V 195.0 will be released Saturday, Sep. 22. Until then, feel free to send me information on your gorean sim or group.

Also, I have re-opened the applications for the Second Life Fantasy Feed. Fantasy themed bloggers, stores, events, and role-play support groups are welcome to apply. Make sure you follow the correct link and read the guidelines. Please remember that your blog must offer more than 80% of fantasy related items and topics such as gorean, medieval, game of thrones, steampunk, victorian, western, ancient empires, etc. Urban themed blogs will not be accepted.

This round of the We <3 Role-play is offering wonderful furniture sets and decor. After picking a few designers to create this fancy medieval cabin bedroom, I felt it was finally home, sweet home. In the center of the room, the gorgeous bed from Zerkalo stands out in glory. 

Zerkalo’s rich textures and warm colors are the signature features of this brand. The detailed mesh work and the added animations in each piece of furniture makes Zerkalo one of the top furniture brands in Second Life and one of my personal favorites. I was also pleasantly impressed with the décor from NEWCHURCH, Unorthodox Underworld, Wishbringer, and the realistic food platters from The Half Moon Market. All are great pieces that will perfectly complete those empty spaces of your house.

"Grand Master's Bed - Adult" from Zerkalo (750L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Bed with Cuddle, Solo, Solo Slave, Solo Adult, Couple Sex, 3some FFM, and 3some MMF Animations. Available in PG and Adult Versions. 16 L.I.)

"Barn Owl Collection - Cage Floor Stand" from Jian (600L - FaMESHed Event. Includes Flying Companion, Shoulder Companion, Wandering Owl, Placer Owl, Orbiting Flying Owl, Standing Cage, Ceiling/Surface Cage, and Table Perch with Resize Script and Text Name Options. 3-6 L.I. with Copy and Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Treering Side Table" from Wishbringer (245L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Table. 4 L.I. with Mod Permissions)

"Vine Bedecked Castle Chandelier" from Lunar Seasonal Designs (Free Hunt Gift - 8th annual Renaissance Grid-wide Hunt and Faire Event)

Cushions, Part of "Tavern Night - Fatpack, Single Set" from Zerkalo (1449L. Includes Mesh Drinking Set, Table and 4 Single Animations Cushions with Several Single Animations. Available in Single and Couples Versions for 2899L)

"Draconian Fireplace" from Unorthodox Underworld (299L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Fireplace with Animated Fire. 11 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"The Lord's Feast I" from The Half Moon Market (149L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Meat Pies, Loaves and Roast Pig Platters. 1-4 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Renaissance Framed Art" *Above Bed* from Cake Fox (Free Hunt Gift - 8th annual Renaissance Grid-wide Hunt and Faire Event)

 "Wall Tapestry - Renaissance Ladies" from Delightful Creations Free Hunt Gift - 8th annual Renaissance Grid-wide Hunt and Faire Event)
Rug, Part of "Darius Set" from Zerkalo (Includes Mesh Rug Available in 4 Different Colors for 50L Each. Mesh Pillow with 11 Animations Available in 4 Different Colors for 99L Each. Drinking Set for 149L. Couch in Adult Version for 699L or PG Version for 399L)

Tree Table and Fireflies from Wishbringer (315L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Table, Fireflies and 2 Stump Chairs with Animated Poses. 5 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Namita Bedroom Set" from NEWCHURCH  207L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Low Dresser, Mirror, Night Table and Tall Dresser. 1-2 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions) 

"Antler Mannequin" from Tentacio (199L. Includes Mesh Mannequin with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Fur Mannequin" from Tentacio (199L. Includes Mesh Mannequin with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Thot Mess Scattered Makeup" from .peaches. (149L. Includes Scattered Makeup Set. 5 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Snowshill Manor is a National Trust property located in the village of Snowshill, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. It is a sixteenth century country house, best known for its twentieth century owner, Charles Paget Wade, an eccentric man who amassed an enormous collection of objects that interested him. He gave the property to the National Trust in 1951, and his collection is still housed there."

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Eleanor of Florence – The Grand Duchess of Hurricanes

You may think that my choice of words for this title is just appropriate for another role-play post that you are used to see at The Good Gorean but look closely. Not only the real Eleanor of Toledo (and Florence) was my inspiration for the wardrobe and background settings but also how the Hurricane Florence has been part of the news for the last few days.

If you are in the East Coast of the United States you must be prepared for this storm. In this day and age where media is easily accessible, there is no excuse to put yourself in danger. You can replace a car or a house but you cannot replace your life. If you chose staying behind just remember that you put many rescue crew workers at risk as well. If evacuations are mandatory or voluntary in your area, leave. Leave now. I currently reside in the Carolinas but not in any of life threatening areas however, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear me for a few days. This means my power is probably out.

Since bad weather is coming, you will probably find yourself with little to do at home. If you feel like spending your Lindens, head out to the Fantasy Collective or to the We <3 Role-play events. The 8th annual Renaissance Grid-wide Hunt and Faire is also a good way to spend your time. This is a good opportunity to stock up in very affordable merchandise or if you decide to hunt, free role-play items. 

Fellow role-players and friends, before I wrap this post for good, I am currently looking for role-play sim owners that are interested in being reviewed by The Good Gorean. If anyone is up to this challenge, I will come in for 1 or 2 weeks and engage role-play with the residents. During my time there, I will also try to capture some of your sim’s beauty. After everything is gathered, I will review your sim right here. This is a good opportunity to promote your sim and also feed my need to write about role-play words of Second Life. Im me in SL at PewPew Zero and I promise I will get back to you!

A big thank you to the sponsors that are featured below. I love you all.

"Medusa Eyes" from LOTUS (Free Gift - The Imaginarium Event) 

"Azzurra Stilleto" Mesh Nails from SlackGirl (Free Gift - On9 Event)

"Kinsey - Light Blondes" from Calico Hair (250L. Includes Rigged Mesh Hair, Unrigged Mesh Hair in Regular, Boobs Size and Sheer Veil Versions. Texture HUD includes 25 Hair Texture Options, 15 Veil Texture Options, 7 Pearl Texture Options and 5 Metal Texture Options)

"Anne of Cleves - Red" from The Muses (600L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown in Black, Blue and Red and Display Red Versions for Maitreya)

 "Marianne Necklace - Quartz" from Kunglers (210L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Necklace with resize Scripts. Available in Amethyst, Citrine, Crystal, Crystal 2, Quartz and Turmaline)

"Septum Diamond Ring" from Dreamlight (Free Gift - On9 Event)

Landmark: Bellefleurs

"Eleanor of Toledo born Doña Leonor Álvarez de Toledo y Osorio, was a Spanish noblewoman who was Duchess of Florence from 1539, after Margaret of Austria. Although Eleanor is often referred to as the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, she predeceased the creation of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. She is credited with being the first modern first lady, or consort. She served as regent of Florence during the absence of her spouse. During her marriage, despite her initial unpopularity as a Spaniard, she gained great influence in Florence, she encouraged the arts and was patron to many of the most notable artists of the age. A pious woman, she encouraged the Jesuit order to settle in Florence; she also founded many new churches in the city. Eleanor was also interested in agriculture and business. She owned great tracts of Tuscan land that she managed effectively which, helped to expand and increase the profitability of the vast Medici estates (her products were shipped as far as Spain), and through her charitable interests, the lot of the peasantry. She also supported unhesitatingly her husband and his policies, so much so that he consulted with her. So great was his trust in her that in his frequent absences he made her regent, a station which also established her position as more than just a pretty bearer of Medici children. As a consequence, it became known that Eleanor was the key to her husband, and those unable to gain an audience with Cosimo realized that through his wife their causes could at least be pleaded. No evidence exists, however, to prove that she greatly influenced him; but the importance of her usefulness to him cannot be ignored.”

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Elizabeth de Ecsed - Bloodsucking Tales

Greetings fellow virtual role-players around the world, I am finally back after a week of leisure. Now, I am back to work, crappy adulthood, and yes, play time in Second Life too!

I am slowly catching up on what I’ve missed and apparently, I’ve missed quite a lot. We <3 Role-play is back this month in full swing and although I did not have a chance to blog any previews, I very much plan to blog my favorites pieces. Let’s start with this gown from Belle Epoque, the hair from Nyne, and all the avatar accessories from Seydr, Drunken Brokkr and Stargazer. The gown has a Victorian “feel” to it so I ended up choosing matching accessories to make this character grow into friendly looking vampire with a sadistic taste for virgin blood.

If you have been in Second Life for some time, chances are you that came across something “vampire looking”. To this day, it still remains a popular form of role-play and if you feel like playing an evil bloodsucker, We <3 Role-play is the place to go this month. If you are in a tight budget, don’t forget that Second Life offers a free collection of vampire mesh avatars for free. You can find them in the library folder of your inventory. To finish this adventure, you will need to look for a place where you can worship the devil with your vamp friends, right? Start by visiting the listing at the Vampire Role-playing Communities.

Speaking of vampires, the popular TV show series “American Horror Story” is coming back with a new season. If you like a good ghost story, I highly recommend this show. The TV series has creepy but good plot twists that has been connecting all 8 seasons throughout the years. The great acting have been also contributing for the success of the American Horror Story horror series. Check it out tomorrow in FX channel at 10 p.m EST.

"Versicolor Eyes - Lagoon" from Seydr (68L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Eyes in Small, Large and Sitted Versions with Catwa and Omega Appliers. Available in Amethyst, Autumn, Bark, Ches, Druid, Ice, Lagoon, Moon, Moss, Sky, Stone, and Storm)

"Elleni - Single Tone" Hair from Nyne (187L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Rigged Mesh Hair in Regular, Boobies and Bangs Versions and Texture HUD with 56 Hair Texture Options. Available in Ombre, Single Tone and Unicorn)

"Lady Worsley - Black" from Belle Epoque (262L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya. Available in Beige, Black, Blue, Mint, Navy, Olive, Pink, Purple, Red, and White)

"Vinda Set" Lip Ring from Drunken Brokkr and Stargazer (Available at We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Lip Ring and Nose Ring Set for 4 Catwa Heads and Texture HUD with 5 Metal Texture Options and Show/Hide Options)

Location: Witchwood

"Often considered one of the most prolific women serial killers ever in history, Elizabeth has gained her label of vampire due to the alleged fact that she bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth, thus gaining her nicknames "The Blood Countess" and "The Bloody Lady of Cachtice." Although this detail of her sadistic serial murder career is in dispute, the facts of the case brought against her more than make up for this gory shortcoming. The Countess was left alone often while her husband was away at war, and left to her own devices, took it upon herself to begin terrorizing the young women surrounding her. She methodically lured the women in, promising jobs for the peasant women and lessons in etiquette for those of the lesser gentry. She established an elaborate set of impossible rules for them to follow, and when they (inevitably) failed to follow her code, delighted in punishing them in new and interesting ways. These included, but were not limited to, severe beatings, burning and/or mutilation of the hands, face, or genitalia, eating the women's flesh, biting their faces or arms, dousing them in water and sending them out in the snow to freeze, performing amateur botched surgery on them, starving, and sexual abuse."

Friday, August 31, 2018


The last days for The Secret Affair are here and the next round will is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 5. The theme will be “Pennhurst - The Shame of Pennsylvania” just in time for All Hallows' Eve. Pumpkin spice anyone?

If you are missing the We <3 Roleplay event, you won’t have to wait much longer. After skipping the month of August for their much needed vacation, We <3 Role-Play will be back Sept. 4th for your exclusive pleasure of shopping for role-play goods. Since I am getting ready to leave for my vacations, I won't be able to show you some previews but I will certainly be in time to snap a few pictures of my favorites picks for this month's round.

Kudos for Mr. Deccan. The Forge has been unstoppable in releasing the most sexy, provocative, lustful and sensual female clothing sets. This is more than what a girl can ask for. He's a dude. He knows it. His clothes will make your ass look just right and people will appreciate it. Want to see what he has been doing outside the Xella outfit? Click HERE.

I will be back!

"Kim - Naturals" Hair from DOUX (350L)

"Xella - Fatpack" Shorts and Top from The Forge (Available at Dubai Event. Includes Mesh Shorts and Top for Maitreya and Texture HUD with 14 Texture Options for 6 Outfit Parts. Original Ad HERE)

"Pool Party" Sweater from Tentacio (50L Per Play - Pool Party, Gacha Machine in Store. Commons: Bikini in Red, Orange, White, Pink or Yellow, Telephone in White or Pink, Soda Pool or PVC Bag in Black, Green, Pink or Yellow. Rares: Sweater with or without Top and Texture HUD with 8 Sweater Texture Options and 10 Top Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

Location: Baja Norte

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Maid Marian

Hello lovelies! Are you having a good week so far? I am rolling out my last posts for the week since I will be gone for a few days. That’s right, its vacation time for me, and I couldn’t let the Summer go without relaxing at my favorite place to be: the beach. Also, I couldn’t go without giving you an update on what’s trending in Second Life.

If you enjoy reading, you have a chance to score a free copy of “Femme Fatale Online”, a SL-based mystery novel by Eugene Rodgers. According to an article posted by the SL Enquirer, just email a request to and include the letters “SLE” in the email. This is an exclusive offer for all SL residents. If you wish to read more about this book release, please visit the SL Enquirer at

Another SL-based publication, L’Homme Magazine, is celebrating its 4th anniversary this month. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best publications that Second Life has to offer. If you are not familiar with this magazine please check out the August edition of L’Homme Magazine. They cover the latest trends in male fashion and offer the opportunity for male models and photographers to show their worth. To celebrate this special occasion, creators across the grid are offering a gift after you pick up a copy of the magazine. If you’re a female, you can flip through the pages and drool over the pretty bits.

Please enjoy my picks for today’s post. I am loving this dress made by the one and only, Enfant Terrible. Feminine but yet lustful, this is the perfect pick for a night of romance. Also Jian is back when several new releases which some of them are featured below. If you want to glance over all the new releases and a free group gift visit Jian at Looks at this, SO CUTE! 


"Unicorn Magic Eye Shadow" from POUT! (Free - Group Gift)

"Bubble Pop Lipstick" from POUT! (Free - Group Gift)

 "False Lashes Vol. 1" from POUT! (Free - Group Gift)

"Amaya - Naturals" Hair from Limerence (200L - Limerence 50% Off Sale Event)

"Lativa - Fatpack" Gown from Enfant Terrible (1799L for Fatpack or 399L for Single Color Pack - The Trunk Show Event. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya and Hourglass and Texture HUD with 10 Exterior Gown Texture Options, 10 Interior Gown Texture Options and 10 Drapes Texture Options. Available in 10 Color Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Flower Bottle and Rose Bouquet" *Picture 1* from Tentacio (449L for Fatpack or 149L for Single Pack - Go FaMESHed Event. Fatpack Includes Cone Cactus, Cup Cactus, Flower Bottle for Left and Right Arms, Rose Bouquet for Left or Right Arms. Original Ad HERE)

"Boston Terrier Companion & Wanderer" *Picture 1* from Jian (500L - Uber Event. Includes Worn Companion Boston Terrier and Rezzed Wanderer Boston Terrier with 4 Coat Texture Options, Resize, Sound, and Floating Text Name Options. Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Chubby Loaf Cat" *Picture 2* from Jian (50L. Includes Held Cat with 5 Coat Texture Options, Floating Name, Sound and Resize Options)

Location: Netherwood

"Maid Marian (or Marion) is the love interest of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood in English folklore. Maid Marian was in origin a "shepherdess" figure associated with May Day. Her role as the love interest of Robin Hood dates to at least the 16th century. She is typically portrayed as beautiful, confident, and sincere in her love of Robin Hood. Often, she is a noblewoman in the stories, though sometimes she is a commoner. Most modern Robin Hood stories feature her prominently and present her as an admirable woman. Of particular note is Marian's independence and relative equality to her lover, marking her as one of the earliest strong female characters in English literature."

Monday, August 27, 2018

Depths of Lake Ushindi - A Tribute to Lady Crimson

It has been a sad week for the gorean community in Second Life. The passing of Chrissie Crimson has affected not only her family at the Black Pearls but also several dozens of players that knew and played with Chrissie over the years. Back when the Rebel Reivers made its presence in GE, Chrissie and the Black Pearls supported and helped our group grow. We shared endless hours of good role-play and combat. I will never forget the fun times we had together. My heart aches for her real and second life family. 

To me, Lady Crimson’s avatar always reminded me of a mermaid. Her beautiful long blonde hair often stood out from the crowds of raiders and her passionate, polite, and respectful role-play was one of a kind. For that, this post will be my tribute to Chrissie. I also prepared an obituary which will be saved in the archives of The Good Gorean blog for the family and friends of Chrissie. If you would like a copy inworld, just message me.

"Sirena - Earth" Mesh Hair and Hair Accessories from Spellbound (199L)

 Makeup from MJN (Free Gift)

"Tidal Tail" from The Cove (290L - The Secret Affair Event *August Edition*. Includes Bento Rig Fit Mesh Tail with Flexi Fin for Maitreya and SLink, Custom HUD with Removable Dorsal, Pectoral and Pelvic Fins, Color Ting HUD and Mini AO HUD. Available in Male and Female Versions)

 "Sirenia -  Grey" Top from HashTag (150L. Includes Mesh Panties and Top for Maitreya. Available in Black, Grey, Pixie, Red, Teal and White)

"Fishbone Set" Jewelry from Petit Chat (155L - The Secret Affair Event *August Edition*. Includes Mesh Necklace, L & R Earrings and Texture HUD with 10 Texture Options for Strings, Fishbone, and Hooks)

Location: Pirates Destiny

"Lake Ushindi is a large lake in the jungles. "Ushindi" is a word in the inland dialect, not in Gorean, and it means "victory." It received its name for some victory, over two hundred years ago, on its shores. The name of the tiny kingdom or ubarate that won that victory is unknown. This lake is drained by two rivers, the Kamba and Nyoka. To the west of Lake Ushindi are floodlands, marshes and bogs. Much of their water drains into this lake. Further east, past the marshes and bogs, is Lake Ngao. Shaba, a Scribe and Cartographer, was the first civilized man to circumnavigate Lake Ushindi. In certain areas of Lake Ushindi that are frequented by vicious tharlarion there are high poles without platforms. Certain criminals may be rowed out to these poles and left there, clinging to them for their very lives. The black Ubar, Bila Huruma, uses these poles to decrease crime within his ubarate."

Friday, August 24, 2018

GE Maps - V 194.0

◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥ 

Please visit GE Maps Headquarters and subscribe on the Subscribe-O-Matic to receive the updates (no group space needed) 


 ✖Pirate Cove - Beaverton✖

 ✎Volsung - Beer (Updated Group Name)✎

Black Desire Outlaws - Black Desire 

Bloodfire Outlaws - Caracus Island 

Ghost Wraiths - Ghost Stronghold 

Heimdallr Rogues - Mystic Forests

Hydra -  Corruption 

Jotnar Marauders - Wolfsland 

Kalana Woods Thieves - Kalana 

Rogues of Tyros - Barbarian King

The Nameless Bandits - Northern Lights Bay 

Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas

Valhalla Outlaws - Bloodstone

Valravn Outlaws - Shimane 



Black Pearls Mercs - Fang 

The Dark Merc's - Mystic Meadow

 [TF] Mercenaries - Tarnburg



Black Skull Rogues - Hollow Creek



Forest Merchants - Pisellino 

The Rolling River - Whispering Moons



Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills 

Feral Woods - Feral Woods 1

Hafen Schendi - Jarlsberg

Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest 

Inlet of Green Cliffs - Mystic Forests

Isla de Hulneth - Freya Island (English & Spanish)

Isle of Tamani - TMP

Loch Couthy - Loch Couthy 

Mirkwood Bay - Mirkwood Bay 

Northern Lights Bay - Northern Lights Bay 

Oasis Red Rock - Art Deco

Sardar Fair - Sardar Fair

Tarnwald - wood island II (English & German) 

The Village of Gimli - Village of Gimli 

Tiveria Town - Hunters XX 

Two Scimitars Oasis - Two Scimitars Oasis 

Valkyrie Forest Village - Valkyrie Forest

 Valnor - Valnor Isle 

Varn  - Bond 

Village of Twin Falls - Applegate


Cities & Port Cities 

Argentum Mines - Silver Mines 

Bastion of Aracena - Bastion of Aracena 

Forgotten City of The Imperial Ko-ro-ba - Forgotten 

Kargash La Rebelle - Alexanderia (English & French)

Magi of Ianda Citadel - Little Bay 

Port at Rive-de-Bois - Sardar Fair 

Shaba - Jurasic Park

Tharna City - Tharna Julinee

  Turian Nights - Amalthea



Isle of Scagnar - Falling Angels

 Les Falaises de Vars - Alexanderia (English & French)

Nahkriin - Mystic Forest 

Skerry of Einar - Skerry of Einar

TazBerg Fjord - TazBerg

Volsung - Beer 


Na'ga Mambas - Tabor Tropics


Panther/Taluna Camps 

Clan de Thalestris - Cobra (English & French)

Di'Jan Lina Panthers - Devils Cry

Forest Moon Panthers - Elation 

Ikerei Tribe - Siba 

Ja'Lina Torvis Panthers  - The Ruins 

Ki'Kara Panthers - Wood Island (English & German)

Kuela ja Keihas Panthers - WideWorld Lisboa

Kwani Ahleena Tribe - Meteor Garden 

Lar' Torvis - Three Moons Valley

Pyrana - Three Moons Valley 

Sa di Sani - Village of Gimli 

Sa Ki Fori Panthers - Hrimgar 

Sa Me Arquana - Jarlsberg

Sa Sheku - The Ruins

Sa'Jesuil Panthers - Mirkwood Forest 

Sa Sa'ng-Fori Huntresses - Smiles (English & French)

Sa' Se'var Panthers  - Mystic Fire 

Sa`ng Gretuk Panthers  - Topanga Canyon

Sa'Pasheen Panthers - Mirkwood Forest

Sa'tavi  - Whispering Moons 

Sheku Ja Heas Panthers - Siba

Sool Era Panthers - Three Moons Valley 

Talender Moon Panthers - Elation 

Tor Mintari - wood island II (English & German)

Valkyrie Torva Panthers - Valkyrie Forest 

Wolf Black Panthers - Siba (English & French) 

Zima Ak'am Panthers - Isla Mariposa


Misc. GE Groups 

EnKara Slave School - fellglanz (English & German) 

Gorean Campus - Serena Aquarius 


Sacred Sardar - CHOICE ISLAND 


Open Arena Sim 

LR Weapons - LR Weapons 

The Gorean Chill Zone - Ranthambore


Special Thanks to:
 Aethi Palisades (Creator of the GE Raid Mapper Hud)
Yuroki Uriza (Creator of "List of Gorean Sims" Notecards)
Daimos Baarer (Creator of the GE Maps Server-Client Delivery System)

Charle Macbain (Creator of the mesh version of the GE Maps)
All of those that send me notecards, landmarks and messages that make my job easier :D

Feel free to comment below to this post if you wish me to add a group/sim to the list in the future.
 If your having problems opening the notecard inworld please clear your cache and log back on a empty low lag sim (per example: Breakers Point ) 

If your having problems opening the rules and landmarks embedeed in the list please check the link below:  Embedded Notecards not Functioning  

Please visit GE Maps and subscribe on the Subscribe-O-Matic to receive the updates (no group space needed). 

If you wish to receive a copy of the GE Maps Server-Client System please send a notecard to PewPew Zero.  This system is available to Sim and Group Owners only.