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Friday, July 31, 2015

GE Maps - V 119.0

◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥ 

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 ✔Kurii of Kalana - Kalana Fields✔Volantis Empire - Volantis✔Lands Of Defiance - Green River Cove✔Vanaheim - Maracas Beach✔Sa Anu - Mirage Island✔StrongHeart - Moon✔Bloodfire Outlaws - Gaia Woodland✔Barbarossa Outlaws - Windy Bay✔Gilsa Village - Bridgman✔Silent Legion Stronghold - Agvidoth Nidhogg✔Hammerfist - Unholy Lands✔

 ✖Aegir - Trondheim✖Forged Requiem - Isle Of Currents✖Henchmen - Anjali✖Trondheim Outlaws - Trondheim✖Dead Island Pirates - Leenas Retreat (English & German)✖Wald von Clearchus - CeRa (English & German)✖City of Ascalon - Ascalon City✖Kurtzal City - Nuku Iva✖Dorestad Fjord - Green River Cove✖Hrimthur zu Fuessen des Hrimgar Gebirges - Happy Feet (English & German)✖Skogarmadhur - Maracas Beach✖Village Of Havardr - Hedwigs Hollow✖Gylden Katten - Supremus (English & French)✖Tu Adira Panther Girls - Mirage Island✖Va'Jai Nah Panther Band - Eternal Blue✖Wolfs II Panthers - Anjali✖

 ✎Black Desire Outlaws - Black Desire (Updated Rules)✎Bloodstone Valhalla Outlaws - Bloodstone (Updated Rules)✎Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold  (Updated Rules)✎ Jotnar Marauders - BELISSIMA (Updated Rules)✎Northern Lights Outlaws - Northern Lights Bay (Updated Rules)✎Outlander Outlaws - Outlander (Updated Rules)✎Outlaws of Tivar - Silent Running (Updated Rules)✎Redrum Outcasts - Redstrum Isle (Updated Rules)✎Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas (Updated Rules)✎Vagabonds of Pain - Crestwood Acres (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Mercs Of Bint - Voltai Viktel (Updated Rules)✎Convictus Mortuis - Path of Destiny (Updated Rules)✎The Brethren Pirates - Brethren Cove (Updated Rules)✎Asperiche Island - Asperiche Island (Updated Rules)✎Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills (Updated Rules)✎Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest (Updated Rules)✎Northern Lights Bay - Northern Lights Bay (Updated Rules)✎The Hungry Tarn - Tabor Fields (Updated Rules & Group Name)✎Teleios - Isle of Pearls (Updated Rules)✎The Ruins Village - The Ruins (Updated Rules)✎Two Scimitars Oasis - Two Scimitars Oasis (Updated Rules)✎Village of Cretus  - Cretus (Updated Rules)✎Village of Maelstrom - The Phoenix Compound (Updated Rules)✎City Of Nexxus - Agard (Updated Rules)✎City of Tentium - Calypso Reef (Updated Rules)✎Serenus Port - Kyoudai (Updated Rules)✎Deadlight Mambas - Island of Brands (Updated Rules)✎Clan de Thalestris - Cobra (English & French) (Updated Rules)✎Ki'Kara Panthers - Wood Island (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Lost Tribe - Coastline (English & French) (Updated Rules)✎Sa Di Lina Panthers - Northern Forest (Updated Rules)✎Sa'Sheku Panthers - The Ruins (Updated Rules)✎Sa'jesuil Panthers - The Ruins (Updated Rules)✎Casmu Red Savages - Tabor Tropics (Updated Rules)✎Convictus Mortuis - Path of Destiny (Updated Rules & Category)✎Vagabonds of Pain - Kawaii Village (English & German) (Updated Rules & New Location)


Ashkali Thieves - Three Moons Valley 

Barbarossa Outlaws - Windy Bay

Black Desire Outlaws - Black Desire 

 Bloodstone Valhalla Outlaws - Bloodstone 

Bloodfire Outlaws - Gaia Woodland

Dark Sword Outlaws - Sword Death

 Di'Jan Cove Outlaws - Provinz Rorus

 Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold 

Hammerfist - Unholy Lands

 Herlit Outlaws - Tarnburg (English & German) 

Inveteratus - Helmutsport 

Jotnar Marauders - BELISSIMA

 Kalana Woods Outlaws - Kalana Woods

 Northern Lights Outlaws - Northern Lights Bay

 Outlander Outlaws - Outlander

 Outlaws of Tivar - Silent Running 

Redrum Outcasts - Redstrum Isle 

Silent Legion Stronghold - Agvidoth Nidhogg

StrongHeart - Moon

Tamber Gulf Outlaws - Venus Isle 

Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas

Vagabonds of Pain - Kawaii Village (English & German)



Ar's Station Mercs - BAZI

 Black Pearls Mercs - Elation

Mercs Of Bint - Voltai Viktel

Southern Cross Mercs - Vanir 

 Tarnfighter Mercs - Tarnburg (English & German)

Tasta Mercenaries - Tasta Island 

 Rising Sun Mercs - Three Moons Valley 

Spirit Mercs - Adept 



Marsh Wood Pirates - Marsh Wood 

Ole Seadog Pirates - Iron Mountain

The Brethren Pirates - Brethren Cove



Asperiche Island - Asperiche Island

 Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills 

Feral Woods - Feral Wood 

Gilsa Village - Bridgman

Hibari - Hibari 

Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest

 Hidden Valley - Black Diamond

 Isla de Hulneth - Stupid Cupid (English & Spanish)

 Island of brands2 - island of brands2 

Loch Couthy - Loch Couthy 

Midgaard - Midgaard 

Northern Lights Bay - Northern Lights Bay

Olorun - Serena Olorun 

Plains of Cretus -  Plains of Cretus (Part Of Cretus)

 Rainforest Of Shar - Burning Twilight 

Shanman's Mist - Mystic Fire 

Sword Death Village - Sword Death Village 

The Hungry Tarn - Tabor Fields

Tarnwald - wood island II (English & German) 

Teleios - Isle of Pearls

Tharna Julinee - Tharna Juline

 The Ruins Village - The Ruins

 The Village of Gimli - Village of Gimli 

Town of Teibar - Dream Valley

Twin Falls - Applegate

 Two Scimitars Oasis - Two Scimitars Oasis 

Valkyrie Forest Village - Valkyrie Forest

 Valnor - Valnor Isle

 Village of Cretus - Cretus

 Village of Einar - Primus Weapons 

Village of Maelstrom - The Phoenix Compound

Village of Sarona  - Arcturus


Cities & Port Cities 

City of Jad - Smiles (English & French) 

City Of Nexxus - Agard

City of Tentium - Calypso Reef 

Lydius Port - Tia

 Passe de Boswell Haskins City - Province Rarn (English & French) 

Port of Cyprian - Port Cyprian

Serenus Port - Kyoudai

 Tharna City - Tharna 

Volantis Empire - Volantis



Convictus Mortuis - Path of Destiny

 Fensalir - Ardeur (English & German)

Lands Of Defiance - Green River Cove 

Sagheerah - Expression (English & German)

 Thorstein - Ersame (English & German)

 Thorsteins Lair - Tathassa 

Vanaheim - Maracas Beach



Tamber Village Trading Post - Dark Creed Bay



Deadlight Mambas - Island of Brands 

Tu'Kwetu Tribe - Steel Horse Saloon 



 Kurii Of Kalana - Kalana Fields


Panther/Taluna Camps

 Black Panthers - Siba 

Clan de Thalestris - Cobra (English & French)

Forest Moon Panthers - Whispering Moons 

Ikerei Tribe - Siba 

Ja'Lina Torvis Panthers  - Whispering Moons

Ja Sheku Jerag Panthers - Sierra Natura 

Jang'ka Tribe - Bewitched (English & French)

Ki'Kara Panthers - Wood Island (English & German) 

Lost Tribe - Coastline (English & French)

Sa Anu - Mirage Island

Sa Di Lina Panthers - Northern Forest 

Sa di Sani - Village of Gimli 

Sa Ki Fori Panthers - Hrimgar

Sa'Naal Panthers - Forest of

 Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers - Lydius forest 

Sa'Sareem Tribe - Three Moons Valley

Sa'Toreii Keh'ra Panthers - Forest of

Sa'Verus Panthers - Primus Weapons

 Sa Sa'ng-Fori Huntresses - Smiles (English & French) 

Sa Seraka Tor Panthers - Island of Brands 

Sa' Se'var Panthers  - Mystic Fire

 Sa'Sheku Panthers - The Ruins

 Sa'jesuil Panthers -The Ruins 

Talender Moon - Talender Moon

Tasta Talunas - Tasta Island 

Valkyrie Torva Panthers - Valkyrie Forest 

Var Viverra She - Provinz Rorus 

Wanika Tribe - Three Moons Valley 

Zima Ak'am Panthers - Isla Mariposa 


Wagon People/Nomad's 

Kuman Kataii  - Siba 


Red Savages 

Casmu Red Savages - Tabor Tropics 


Misc. GE Groups 

EnKara Slave School - fellglanz (English & German) 

Gorean Campus - Serena Aquarius 


Open Arena Sim 

GTS Sparring Ground - GTS DESIGN

 LR Weapons - LR Weapons 


Many Thanks to:
 Aethi Palisades (Creator of the GE Raid Mapper Hud)
Yuroki Uriza (Creator of "List of Gorean Sims" Notecards)
Daimos Baarer (Creator of the GE Maps Server-Client Delivery System)
All of those that send me notecards, landmarks and messages that make my job easier :D

Feel free to comment below to this post if you wish me to add a group/sim to the list in the future.

 If your having problems opening the notecard inworld please clear your cache and log back on a empty low lag sim (per example: Breakers Point ) 

If your having problems opening the rules and landmarks embedeed in the list please check the link below:  Embedded Notecards not Functioning  

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Snakes And Warriors

I have been loving this round of the The Secret Affair and the Epiphany and i just had to kick out one more post before i went off on vacations! What? *GASPS* Yes, I am heading pretty soon to the beach, margaritas, seafood and many other great things. Result of that, your Good Gorean will also slow down quite a bit but i plan to return to blog fully sometime mid August.
It's the end of the month and a lot of events are about to close but others are just around the corner, ready to start off another month of endless shopping. We <3 Roleplay will be back on the 4th, with some news! A new sim, new layout and new shiny things for you to enjoy.A special mention to
Sneak Peek , Oh My Gacha, Lyfe of Style, The Showroom, FAD Fashion Event, Going Bust, The Aloha Fair, Designer Circle, The Lexi Project, Color Me Project, Uber, Neverland Kids Gacha, Okinawa Summer Festival, 5th Avenue, No21, The Deck, The End, Bewbapalooza, Shiny Shabby, Men Only Monthly, Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto, The InstrumentsSuicide Dollz, Cosmopolitan Room, Manga Fair 2015, Dressing Room Fusion, Tres Chic,
IDK, Lubbly Jubblies, The Wayward Carnival, Genre, Kustom9,
The Kawaii Project, Create Your Own Tarot, Project Limited and  Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair!!!

Hair from Besom (300L)

"La Parca - Red" Camisk, Thong, Crown and Staff from May's Soul (50L Per Play - Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine.Commons: Camisk in Red, White, Black or Blue, Blind Piece, Bra in Blue or Red and Thong in Blue or Red. Rares: Staff or Crown with Texture HUD. Original Ad HERE)

"Woodlands Axe - Red" from EZ Weaponry (600L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Axe and Sheath Axe in Red and Pink with 40% and 35% GM Damage, Novo2 HUD, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Trigger Gestures. Original Ad HERE)

"Amanda Necklace - Copper" from Kibitz (280L Each - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Necklace with Mod and Copy Permissions. Available in Several Color Options)

"Morata - Fatpack" Ring, Bracelets, Anklets, Armlets and Cuffs from The Plastik (799L For Fatpack or 279L Each - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh L & R Anklet, Armlet, Cuff, Ring and Texture HUD with 25 Texture Options)

Location: Hydra Isles

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Inn In The Woods

"Beaumont Garden Sink" from Jian (Includes Mesh Garden Sink with 7 Wood Texture Options and with Animated Water Sink. 2 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

 "Boxwood Shrub" from Jian (Includes Hedge, Medium, Tall and Small Shrub and Texture HUD with 4 Texture Options. 1 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Live In The Forest" Wood Pile, Lamp, Tartles and Clothes Rack from May's Soul (50L Per Play, The Fantasy Collective Gacha Machine. Commons:  Clothes Rack, Picnic Table, Tartles, Lamp, Wood Cut and Table. Rare: Cottage)

"Ash Trees" from Jian (495L. Includes Mesh Tree in Large, Medium and Small Sizes, Set of 3 Trees and Texture HUD with 3 Bark Texture Options, 9 Leaves Texture Options and 4 Season Options)

"Beaumont Pool Patio" from Jian (Includes Mesh Patio Pool in PG and Adult Versions, with 7 Wood Texture Options and 3 Stone Shade Texture Options. 14 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Beaumont Garden Swing" from Jian (Includes Mesh Garden Swing with 8 Brick Base Texture Options, 7 Wood Texture Options, 9 Pillow Texture Options, 7 Cuddle Animations, 10 Single Animations. Has Gentle Swing Motion. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Summer Time - Winter" Pillows & Crate from Stitched Gods (Includes Picnic Blanket with Several Adult (Oral & Sex) and Cuddle Animations. Available in Cherry Rose and Soda, Dawn, Dusk, Feather Stuffed Papers, Grandmas Stolen Blanket, Pretty Pink Peas and a Curtain, Spring, Summer, Summer Breeze Nature Stuff and Winter)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mistress Of Trades

"Hortensia - Basics" from Tableau Vivant (250L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Hair and Texture HUD with 16 Texture Options. Available in 11 Color Packs)

"Nuit Reveur - Silver" Gown from Faida & Fallen Gods (75L Per Play - Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine. Includes Mesh Dress, 6 Alpha Layers and Texture HUD with 3 Dress Options, 3 Front Censor Strip Texture Options and 2 Corset Texture Options)

"Secret Cloak" from Peqe (Available at Mainstore, Gacha Machine)

"Boho - Silver" Headchain, Earrings and Necklace from The Forge (75L Per Play - Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Headpiece, L & R Bracelets, Earrings and Foot Jewelry in Silver, Gold or Bronze. Rares: Necklace in Gold, Silver or Bronze. Original Ad HERE)

Location: Mystwood

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feast For The Sultan

Hair from Olive (Gift - Hair Fair 2015 Event)

"Minerva - Red" Gladiator Dress from deviousMind (450L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Ornamented Belt *Red*, Plain Belt *Red*, Top Dress A *Red Sheer*, Top Dress A *Red*, Dress Belted *Red Sheer*, Dress Belted *Red*, Plain Dress *Red Sheer*, Plain Dress Red*, Lara Body Dress A *Red Sheer*, Lara Body Dress A *Red*, Leaves Modesty Cover, Leaves Necklace, Left and Right Silk Drapes *White Sheer*, Left and Right Silk Drapes *White*, Left and Right White Veils, Venus Body Dress A *Red Sheer* and Venus Body Dress A *Red*. Available in Several Colors)

"Hydra" Helmet from PFC (200L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Helmet and Texture HUD with 12 Metal Texture Options and 4 Membrane Texture Options)

"Eien" Sword from PFC (600L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Sword Expositor, Sword Sheath, Sword Sheath with No Animations, Sword with 35% Damage for GM in Pro and Regular Verions, Sword with 40% Damage for GM in Pro and Regular Versions, DCS Sword Options, Trigger Gestures and Texture HUD With Several Texture Options)

"Palm Trees" from Little Branch (386L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Palm Tree Package in 3 Versions)

"Dance Pits & Sits - Adult" from Zerkalo (799L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Dance Pit with 12 Dance Animations and 18 Sex Animations, Persian Sits Cushions with 11 Sitting Animations in Red and Sands Colors. Available in PG and Adult)

"Stony Hollow Potters Tent" from Artisan Fantasy (75L Per Play - The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Kiln *3 L.I.*, Potter's Wheel *4 L.I.*, Kiln Paddles *1 L.I.*, Potter's Wheel Sack *1 L.I.*, Potter's Tools *1 L.I.*, Shelf Pots *2 L.I.*, 2 Ground Pots *3 L.I.*, 2 Hanging Pots *3 L.I.* or Mug Board *3 L.I.* Ultra Rare: Potter's Tent *18 L.I.*)

"Bobbing for Ducks Game" from Jian (Available at Wayward Carnival Event. Includes Mesh Scripted Bobbing for Ducks Game Loop and Game. 2 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Bean Toss Game" from Jian (Available at Wayward Carnival Event. Includes Mesh Scripted Bean Toss Game. 1 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hair from Elikatira (Gift - Hair Fair 2015 Event)

"Vita - Blood" from Luminary (300L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Fitted Mesh Dress and Alpha Layer. Available in Blood, Dream, Iris and Sunrise)

"April - Black" Head Scarf from On A Lark (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Head Scarf in 3 Sizes and Mesh Veil. Available in Aqua, Berry, Black, Coal, Eggplant, Fern, Harvest, Snow and Steel. Original Ad HERE

"Claudia" Necklace from Zibska (250L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Necklace, L & R Earrings, Collar and Texture HUD with 10 Main Texture Options and 10 Accents Texture Options)

Poses from Bebo (Past Group Gift)

Location: Harmony Garden

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Paladin Of Nature

Hair from Lelutka (280L - Hair Fair 2015 Event)

"Pompeii Gown - Black" from Wimey (199L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Alpha Layer and Texture HUD with 2 Texture Options for Under Skirt. Available in Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Red and White)

"Julius - Silver" Bracelets, Leaf Pauldrons and Crown from Una (50L Per Play - The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: 6 Top & Belt Sets with Gold or Silver Belts. Rares: Bracelets in Gold or Silver. Leaf Pauldrons & Crown in Silver, Gold or Copper)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eagle Soldier

Hair from MaiOwn! (Gift - Hair Fair 2015 Event)

"Hala Facepaint" from Arise (119L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Facepaint Pack in 8 Different Colors in Tattoo Layers, Tintable Tattoo Version, TMP and Lelutka Applier)

"Gladiator" Belt, Bracers, Top, Mace and Pauldrons from Luas (50L Per Play - The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Belt, Skirt or Top in Brown, Green, White or Black. Rares: Helmet & Pauldrons Set or Bracers & Mace Set)

"Femme Gladiators - Black" from 22769 (175L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Sandals for SLink Feet and Feet Shaper. Available in Black, Brown, Red and Used Leather)

"Athena" Head Accessory from Azoury (179L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Head Accessory with Resize Scripts)

"Minerva" Shield and Spear from May's Soul (140L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Shield & Spear Sheath, Shield Wearable Version and Spear Wearable Version. Original Ad HERE)

"Roman Soldier Eagle" from Black Bantam (115L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Eagle In Command Pose 1, Savior Pose 2 and Rideable Versions)

Location: Jomo

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

After Oracle

Hair from Elikatira (285L)

"Ragnarok Tattoo" from Things (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Faded and Fresh Tattoo Versions in Classic Avatar Tattoo Layers, Omega Applier, TOMP Applier and Belleza Applier)

"Aphrodite - Gold" Belt, Bracelets, Bra, Hand Pieces, Headdress, Chestpiece and Panties from Aisling (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Bra, Belt & Panties and Bracelets & Hand Pieces in Gold, Copper or Silver and Texture HUD with 26 Texture Options for Beads. Rares: Chestpiece or Headdress and Texture HUD with 3 Metal and 26 Beads Color Texture Options. Includes Resize Menu. Original Ad HERE)

 "Roman Sandals Female - Beige" from DRD (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Sandals in 2 Sizes for SLink Feet. Available in Beige, Brown or Black in Female or Male)

Location: Leka