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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gorean Meter Servers

The Gorean Meter had suffered a few minor changes and overall looks like was received by the roleplayers community on a positive way. If you want to see in detail all the changes that was made, feel free to visit the Gorean Meter Official Website.

Recently i took a moment to visit the good ol' Gimli Trading Station and everything changed. Haven't been in that region for a long time so i felt kind of lost in the beginning but quickly i got my way around just following the big signs.
With this new layout, the RP Trading Station and GM Server and Roleplay Meters moved a little bit around.

But let's focus on the GM Servers. I wrote before a post explaining how the crafting system works (you can see it HERE) but what is the purpose of each Server system and how do i set it up?

If you are looking to add the Gorean Meter System to your sim you must head to the GM Server and Roleplay Meters Headquarters in Gimli. That cool box at the entrance is a free bow, grab it if your a beginner!

As you enter the GM Server and Roleplay Meters Headquarters in Gimli you find a room filled with these boxes. These are all servers and development kits some you will need and some..not really.

Gorean Meter Kit
This is the essential kit to have your sim up and going with the GM system. Inside this kit you will find several Textures that are mostly used to identify the sim as a GM user to visitors, GM Dispenser (this gives the meters to all avatars) and the Region Server that is the important piece to make your sim active in the GM system. The notecards will explain how to personalize your Region Server as like if you want aid option on or not, only direct hits, etc etc. Rezz the Region Server > Edit > Content > Double Click to Open "Settings" Notecard.

This notecard is the key to give your sim the settings you want, changing the options with a On/Off switches where 0 means off and 1 means on. The code below is an example of a standard GE sim with Aiding, Fall Damage, Drowning, Stronger melee, Shields, Beasts, RP Items Usage and Zero splash (Zero Splash=Direct Hits Only) options ON.

Roleplay Server
The Roleplay Server is connected to the Crafting System that i published about few months ago. This Server will give produce the items you need to fabricate per example: bandages.
How to set it up? (all this info you can find in the notecards that comes with server)
1. Rez the server
2. Click it and hit Settings button
2. Hit Set name button
3. type in the name of your camp:

To produce items:
1. Click the server
2. Click factory
3. Click select type to select what you want to produce. GM will change from time to time what is available sometimes there will be special items on the menu there.

Please keep in mind that:
Roleplay Servers MUST be rezzed on a sim with the GM System activated.
Roleplay Servers won't work properly if too close to another server. Must be at least 20m away.
Height wise, Do Not Rezz your Roleplay Server above 75 meters.

GM Scribery Server
This is a simple server to store all scribes records.

GM Coin Development Kit
This kit includes two scripts (Accept and Send Script) that can be used on the exchange of GM coins. These scripts has full perms.

GM Non Battle Related Development Kit
This specific kit offers a useful tool to make gadgets on how to detect if other players are indeed using or not a legal GM meter (cheaterzzz are everywhere). You must copy the given code into a script file. After this, add this script to a prim. The final object will shout if the player is using a valid meter or not. Usually this prim is placed nearby landing areas.

GM Shield Development Kit
 The GM Shield Development Kit offers a Shield Script that can be added to any object allowing you to make your own shield. A very clear notecard comes with this kit explaining step by step how to do it correctly.

I hope this was useful somehow. Feel free to comment and expose your questions as i will share what i know about this system

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