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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mrs. Robot

I have a huge crush on everything sci-fi – you probably have already noticed it if you follow The Good Gorean closely enough. Tentacio just released an outstanding, sexy bodysuit set with bionic parts and accessories for this month’s round of the Arcade. Once you are able (and lucky) to purchase the complete set, you will truly enjoy this “Mrs. Robot” look of your avatar. A cool-looking cryogenic chamber and a visor is also included in May’s gacha machine at the Arcade. Visit for a glance at the September’s round of the Arcade – plenty of cute, girly urban outfits, futuristic looks, and a mix of fall-inspired furnishings are available here.

The Bakes on Mesh saga continues. More of the third-party viewers have been updated to include the Bakes on Mesh (BoM) capability:

Alchemy – No updates yet

Black Dragon – Updated with BoM

Catznip – Beta Version

Cool VL – Updated to Experimental Version with BoM

Firestorm – Beta Version

Kokua – Updated with BoM

Restrained Life Viewer – Updated with BoM

Singularity – No updates yet

Second Life bloggers across the web are doing a terrific job of informing users on the Bakes on Mesh updates. Another helpful article I’ve found online at the Virtual Bloke blog, gives you a quick beginner’s guide with the very basics on BoM and how to fix small glitches in your avatar.

"Sibyl" Skin from Essences (Free - Group Gift. Includes Catwa Skin Applier)

"Elven Spirit" Eyeshadow from POUT! (50L - Includes 16 Eyeshadow Appliers for Catwa, Genus, Lelutka and Vista)

"Splash Lipstick" from Sintiklia (Free - Old Group Gift)

"Jenna" Hair from DOUX (375L - Dubai Event)

"Vania Cyborg" from Tentacio (50L Per Play - The Arcade Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Bodysuit in Black, Blue, Pink, Silver or White; Visor in Black or White with Wire; Arm Terminal in Black or White; Band Leg; Spine Connection Cords; Cyborg Legs in Black or White. Rares: Cryogenic Chamber with Pose. Original Ad HERE)

"Ornate Flat Claws" from Attitude is an Artform (210L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Claws for Adam, Belleza, Signature Gianni, SLink Female and Male. Includes Texture HUD with 10 Metal Texture Options, 4 Ages Base Metal Texture Options and 3 Filigree Metal Texture Options)

Location: InSilico

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