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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

May Your 2019 Be Grand

Although this post comes a little later than expected, it's never too late to wish you a happy new year! My first days in 2019 has been spent in bed, dealing a very nasty stomach flu. This evening, I finally managed to crawl out of my blankets to wish The Good Gorean's guests and followers a fantastic 2019. Focus on your new year's resolutions and make this year count. 
Cheers to another year of blogging and playing in Second Life!

"Diana" Skin from Clef de Peau (Free - Christmas Gift 2018)

"Miri Stars" Hair from Kokolores (Free - Christmas Gift 2018)

 "Metallics N. 1" Nails from LIVIA (Free - Christmas Gift 2018)

 "Golden Flower Crown" from EVIE (Free - Group Gift)

"Norsa - Red" Top from Enfant Terrible (Available at Tres Chic Event. Includes Top and Skirt in 2 Versions for Maitreya Bodies. Available in Black, Blue, Creme, Gold, Red and Rose. Original Ad HERE)

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