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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Downtown Tokyo

The Good Gorean went out of the way and decided to feature an urban post for a change. Because this blog is more focused in the role-play side of Second Life, it is rare to gear up Pew and send her to the other side of the grid but today, it happened! Tentacio/May’s Soul has been a sponsor of my blog for more than 5 years, and Miss May has been releasing gorgeous pieces of urban clothing that I just had to show you. Cute, girlish and sweet, Tentacio knows how to rock stylish accessories and clothing for your avatar, and the pieces I’m wearing in this post are no exception. Also, Tentacio’s clothing is very affordable and the store owner hosts sales and hunts several times throughout the year. This is one fabulous brand that will not pick your pockets to death and “Aran – Winter” is a prime example of that. The cute skirt and boots were released for a past 50L Friday event. Now, you can find it in store for 149L and you have 4 color options to choose from.

Tentacio’s sister store, May’s Soul, is no stranger to The Good Gorean and most of the role-play community have heard or visited this store before. In 2019, I hope to see more new releases from May’s Soul in role-play accessories. Don’t forget about us, Miss May!

To keep yourself updated with Tentacio and May’s Soul new releases, visit May Tolsen’s Flickr page.

With the first of the year, a number of events are now open to public. Below you can find a recap of ongoing events that you must visit to satisfy your shopping addiction!


Designer Circle – The Event

The Pose Fair

The Mens Dept

Designer Showcase

The Liaison Collaborative


Powder Pack


"Oka - Light Blondes" Hair from Taketomi (100L - In Store Sale)

"Intense Makeup 2" from E. Vary (Free - Group Gift)

"Pool Party" Sweater from Tentacio (50L Per Play - Pool Party, Gacha Machine in Store. Commons: Bikini in Red, Orange, White, Pink or Yellow, Telephone in White or Pink, Soda Pool or PVC Bag in Black, Green, Pink or Yellow. Rares: Sweater with or without Top and Texture HUD with 8 Sweater Texture Options and 10 Top Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Aran - White" Skirt from Tentacio (149L - New Release. Includes Mesh Skirt for Maitreya. Available in Black, Yellow, Blue and White. Original Ad HERE)

"Aran - Pink" Boots from Tentacio (149L - New Release. Includes Mesh Boots for Maitreya. Available in Grey, Brown, Pink and Beige. Original Ad HERE)

"Candy Glasses - Pink" from Tentacio (Includes Mesh Glasses in Pink and Brown and Ice Cream Cone. Original Ad HERE)

Poses from A&R Haven (Free)

Location: Mopire City

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