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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Skald - Second Life in 2019 and End Of The Year Recap

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to look back to what we have learned and improved during 2018. We also must ask: “What comes next?” 2018 was without a doubt a very busy year for Lindens Labs and Second Life. We saw many developments in-world and the overall traffic was steady but struggled for noticeable growth. Below is a recap of key accomplishments:

* Lower cost on monthly fees on land and improvements on land manager pages.

* Marketplace was improved with new features such as the “Wishlist” and “Most Recent Items Feed”. New categories were also added to the Marketplace: Animated Objects, Gachas, Anthropomorphic, and Anime.

* Animesh was introduced. Independent objects can now use rigged mesh and animations. * Environment Enhancement Project (EEP) is just starting. By 2019 (?) you will be able to create and share your own environment settings with up to 4 customizable sky layers.

* Exclusive games and experiences including the Linden Realms, Birthday Gift Grab, Winter Swaginator Hunt and the traditional Snowball Fight.

So what’s coming in 2019?

* An Estate Access Management Release Candidate Viewer with simplified estate management tasks.

* Improved auction features to sell your land.

* More creative ways to build with animesh.

* Final release of the EEP.

* “Bakes on Mesh” feature will continue to be tested.

* Migration to the cloud.

* Ability to change avatar’s names.

Women’s apparel, avatar appearance, accessories and components, home and garden items and animations are among the top marketplace categories of 2018. Games, Editor’s picks, Recently Added, Premium Gifts, Photogenic Spots and Shopping Events remain the top destinations for users in Second Life. Role-play communities are #10 in this list.

Check out the full Linden Lab’s end-of-year report HERE for detailed information.

"Dark Seer Eyes - Deepsea" from Anatomy (69L - We <3 Roleplay Event *December Edition*. Includes L & R Mesh Eyes and Omega Appliers. Available in Blood, Bloodlust, Deepsea, Green, Grey, Nebula, Pink, Purple, and Xmas Corruption)

"Holomas Nails" Nail Polish from Seydr (50L Promo Gift - We <3 Roleplay Event *December Edition*. Includes Nail Applier with 4 Nail Polish Options with Omega and Maitreya Appliers)

"Karya" Hair from !!Firelight!! (175L - The Secret Affair Event *December Edition*. Includes Mesh Hair in 2 Sizes and 2 Versions: With or Without Hat, Texture HUD with 10 texture Options for Hair and 10 Texture Options for Hat)

"Titania - Fatpack" Gown from Viki (Available at The Secret Affair Event *December Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya and Texture HUD with 7 Gown Texture Options)

 "Floral Lace Cape - White" from Caverna Obscura (299L)

"Emma" Headband and Earrings from ERSCH (94L - We <3 Roleplay Event *December Edition*. Includes Headband, L & R Earrings, and Texture HUD with 6 Metal Texture Options and 2 Texture Options for Gems)

"Those who tell the tales of Torvaldsland are known as skalds. A skald is a combination singer, poet and bard. They are highly respected and talented. During the fest-season of Odin, a primary holiday, a good skald is difficult to find due to their popularity. The people must bid for them and the bidding gets quite high. Sometimes though, a skald may be kidnapped for the holidays. He will be released once the fest-season is over and will be compensated with great wealth for his efforts. Entertainment is important in Torvaldsland and takes several other forms as well."

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