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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Why I Love Stealthic Hair

 There are many of hair stylists in Second Life but only a hand full of creators stand out from the crowd. Born in 2004, Stealthic hair store has evolved to something grand and glorious and it’s time to bring this brand to the spotlight. In its first year, Stealthic started out as another hair store in the marketplace. His first creations were well-made and appealing but lacked the unique features I always look for.
On early spring of 2017, I noticed significant improvements in Stealthic’s creations and this was just the starting point of a hair brand that I now consider to be one of the very best hair creators in Second Life.

Impressive Soft and Silky Looking Hair
The textures used to create these masterpieces are out of this world. The wavy and shiny locks delivers a unique and realistic look.

Blending is Important
With Stealthic, there is no need of wearing annoying hair base appliers, and this makes me happy. Stealthic’s styles have a detailed hair line that will give you that soft and blending transition between your avatar’s scalp and your hair roots. Stealthic managed to add these details perfectly and I’m living for it.

Just the Right Amount of Volume
Stealthic hair is well suited for those who like to wear hairstyles with a right amount of volume. The slightly thick locks give the hair more body without overwhelming your avatar’s face.

 Stunning for Women, Captivating for Men
Let’s be real. Women (or female avatars) are the main customers and it’s no surprise to see the marketplace flooded by female hair styles. Hair for male avatars is often underestimated but not at Stealthic. Here you will find several hair styles for your male avatar and they are as beautiful and detailed as the female styles.

Styling Options
Stealthic’s styles are perfect for every occasion, and you can count on having a Styling Options HUD with your purchase (including male styles!). Change your hair style with one click. This is a feature that revolutionized the hair industry in SL and customers are loving it!

The Best Colors You Will Find 
All we need is beautiful shades of colors. Stealthic’s hair packs includes 10 wonderful shades to-die-for. My absolute favorites are the reds and the blondes.

The hair I’m featuring below is a brand new release from Stealthic, however, if you are ready to explore the brand’s potential I highly recommend you to visit the in-world store as well. You can also find below the links to keep you up-to-date on new releases.

Stealthic In-Store Location
Stealthic Hair Facebook Page
Stealthic Hair Marketplace Store 
Stealthic Hair Flickr Page

Keep growing,

"Desire - Blondes" from Stealthic (300L - Salon 52 Event)

 "Matte Nude Lipstick Pack" from liberte (Free - Group Gift. Group Fee: 25L)

"Holiday Nails" from Beautiful Hustler (Past Holiday Gift)

"Lou - Rose" Top from Enfant Terrible (Available at Shiny Shabby Event. Includes Gown for Maitreya Bodies. Available in Aqua, Blue, Champagne, Creme, Rose, Gold, Red, and White. Original Ad HERE)

  "Anubis Pet" Leg Chains from Cellar Door (Includes Mesh Harness and Chains for Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Hourglass, Venus Natural, and SLink, and Texture HUD with 5 Metal Texture Options)

Poses from Lyrium (Free - Pose Fair Event)

Face Projector from Animosity (Free - Pose Fair Event)

 Location: Erebos Harbor

(Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Stealthic. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.)

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