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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Night In Torvaldsland

Torvaldsland lies in the north of Gor. Though, those who aspire to the Sardar Mountains being the northern pole would believe Torvaldsland actually lies west. 
Torvaldslanders or "Torvies" reflects its Norse roots from Earth where they live a special outlook on life, religion and culture due to their position in Gor, so what defines the Torvaldslander culture exactly?
Worshiping male Gods of our fathers, specifically Odin and Thor, and the coming of Ragnarok but in the flip ide of the coin they do NOT recognize female deities or other elements of this influence that runs counter to the Gorean worldview. Torvaldslanders are fiercely proud of their heritage such as religion, aesthetics, mores, ethics and values.
Another aspect that defines a Torvie Life ares the Torvaldsland laws: Holmgang, Boasting and Oath taking, Wergeld, The War Arrow and The Thing and the Althing are important rituals of every day.
As i started to picture in my head how part of Torvaldsland looks like, the pictures below turned to be a perfect match to my drawing idea of a Torvie village. The peaceful northern village below was created by aisling recent releases. The new version of the "Yren House" and "Sonja House" comes now with a snow topper perfect for the season but if you already purchased these houses in the past just head to the aisling and hit "Redeliver" board and you will get the updated version. The "Old Fountain" can be found now too with a winter edition!

"Yren House 2.0" from aisling *House On The Right* (850L. 35 L.I., 10x13x16 with 3 Floors. Collision Item plus you can walk on the roof and top pillar of the house. Kool Doors System Friendly and Snowy Version Included. *If you already purchased this house please visit aisling store and click on the REDELIVERY terminal. See more detailed pictures of the Yren House HERE)

"Sonja House 2.0" from aisling (750L. 30 to 35 L.I., 1 Floor Plan with 3 Rooms 15x20x10, 2 different exterior wall patterns: Clean or Ivy, Kool Doors System Friendly, Chain&Ivy Add-on and Snowy Version Included. *If you already purchased this house please visit aisling store and click on the REDELIVERY terminal. See more detailed pictures of the Sonja House HERE)

"Old Fountain - Winter" from aisling (150L. Includes Phantom Version, No Phantom Version, Version with Stone ground, Version Without Stone ground, Stone Ground with Snow and Stone Ground Regular. See pictures of the previous release of the "Old Fountain" HERE

"Glowy-Glowy Tree" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. Includes Mesh Glowy Tree Rainbow Dark, Mesh Glowy Tree Rainbow White, Mesh Glowy Tree Tintable Dark and Mesh Glowy Tree Tintable White. 4 L.I., Copy and Mod, Unscripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Forest Hideaway" from Dysfunctional Designs (295L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Menu with 4 Seasons, 4 L.I., Copy&Mod, Texture Change and 100% Original Mesh)

"Torvaldsland is a cruel, harsh, rocky land. It contains many cliffs, inlets and mountains. Its arable soil is thin, and found in patches. The size of the average farm is very small. Good soil is rare and highly prized. Communication between farms is often by sea, in small boats. Without the stream of Torvald, it would probably be impossible to raise cereal crops in sufficient quantity to feed even its relatively sparse population."
Marauders of Gor, Pg 55
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