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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yren, Endak & Alpha

So i was very surprised to see what .aisling. had to offer in this round of the We <3 Role-Play and surely enough it blew me away. Well done Mesh Rustic Houses that can be used in Gorean Roleplay are very rare to find, on the top of my head i can name about 3 or 4 stores that sells them..and thing is, everybody ends up using the same houses because the offer is very limited. "Yren House" from .aisling. is certainly a thing of beauty and i hope that .aisling. doesn't stop here and keeps building other models because Gor needs more mesh buildings like this...BAD! If this was the first attempt of .aisling. creators building a house well...damn...nicely done!!!
I hope you remember about the release of Alpha Bedroom that i wrote a few days ago, if not check it HERE. So more pieces came out to complete this set and for the event, the "Alpha Comfy Bench" will make your bedroom shine on even more. Now make your friends jealous and grab a copy of these new releases.

"Yren House" from .aisling (595L - We <3 Role-Play. 35 L.I., 10x13x16 with 3 Floors. Collision Item plus you can walk on the roof and top pillar of the house. Kool Doors System Friendly)

"Alpha Comfy Bench" from .aisling (245L - We <3 Role-Play. Includes Texture HUD, RP Friendly Menu, Menu Access to All/Group/Owner Only, 2 L.I.)

"Endak Coat Rack" from .aisling (25L - We <3 Role-Play)

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