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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Old Fountain

I mentioned few days ago about the Wagon People Hunt and i hope you didnt forgot about it! But if you did, no worries, HERE is the links for 15 stores participating this hunt. You will find from funny gifts to pretty jewelry and a bit of everything else.

The Dressing Room Fusion, Genre, Gypsy Market, 49L for Dudes, Black Market, The Boobies Show, Limited Bazaar and Acid Lilly Gallery are restocked with great deals so rush to those events peeps.

The Catnip Carnival is a new charity event to benefit an animal shelters that began on May 18th and will run through the 26th. To read more about this event, visit the blog HERE. Truth Hair is participating this event and put out a cute mesh hair for only 200L, so you shop for your pleasure and your helping these animals getting a better shelter! I contributed to the cause now it's your turn! :P

Let's talk about new releases now. Recently, aisling launched in store this stunning mesh "Old Fountain". If you decided to purchase it, the pack includes the mesh stone floor if you want to play around with flooring and that way you wont be stuck with just 1 floor that doesn't match anything else. I love how aisling makes things easier for us! The elaborated and delightful work you see below is a original creation and..ohhhh..i can't wait to see what aisling is bringing for the next edition of We <3 Role-Play!

★ "Old Fountain" from aisling (150L - Includes Old Fountain Phantom Version, Old Fountain, Old Fountain with Stoneground Phantom Version, Old Fountain with Stoneground, Stoneground, Backup Copy and Resize Script.) ★
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