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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mischief Managed

I had tons of fun doing this picture and decided to play around even more with it and do a cartoon-ish version of it. Truth must be told, Fateplay has been releasing amazing outfits for the roleplayers of Second Life and i hope the creator continues this line of clothing. For male or female, this wonderful packages of mesh clothing has unexpected fun inside offering magic wands and a hand full of imagination! Feel free to click on the picture if you want to see the regular version of the picture.

"Henry" from Fateplay (450L, 25% Off - We <3 Role-Play. Includes Mesh Cloak in 6 Sizes, Mesh Pants in 6 Sizes, Mesh Cloaked Sweater in 6 Sizes, Regular Mesh Sweater in 6 Sizes, Tucked Mesh Tie in 6 Sizes, Untucked Mesh Tie in 6 Sizes, Uncloaked Mesh UnderShirt in 6 Sizes, Mesh Undershirt in 6 Sizes, Magic Wand and Wand HUD)

Check Out what the girls are wearing HERE
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