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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sa-Tarna Farm

Football season started (Go Gamecocks!) so all the testosterone is in the air with a lot of shouts of support, beer and wings. Feeling the manly karma i decided to play around with the male side of Pew and build a hard working farm man that enjoys to watch his football on the weekend, don't worry this fellow won't be wearing a football helmet, still 100% gorean lol.

American Bazaar is celebrating this month it's 3rd birthday and a bunch of gifts for the public will be available on the 22nd. This event will be hosting a photo contest giving the winners a bunch of Lindens to spend plus all the hunt prizes will be free of charge. Check out the detailed information HERE if you want to participate.
Happy NFL Sunday!

Skin from Tellaq (1000L)

Hair from booN (280L)

"The Sentry" from KahliDesigns (299L, 40% Off - We <3 Role-Play. Includes Mesh Tunic in 3 Sizes, Mesh Boots in 3 Sizes, Mesh Pants in 3 Sizes, Mesh Rigged Upper Belt in 3 Sizes, Mesh Rigged Belt in 3 Sizes, Mesh Unrigged Upper Belt and Mesh Unrigged Belt. Available in Black/Brown and Grey/Black for Male and Female)
"A great amount of farming, or perhaps one should speak of gardening, is done at the oasis, but little of this is exported. At the oasis, will be grown a hybrid, brownish Sa-Tarna, adapted to the heat of the desert; most Sa-Tarna is yellow"
Tribesmen of Gor, Pg 37
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