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Friday, September 6, 2013

Le Miserable

On the latest posts i had the chance to show you some of the goodies available at  We <3 Role-Play and this will continue for the next few days but will be blended in with a whole bunch of new releases from some other fashion events going on right now. The Mens Department, Fifty Linden Fridays (Only available today), She & Him, Bewbapalooza and Stalkerazzi are open to help pamper that cute avatar of yours.

In this post i went to the dark side of my SL landing on a beautiful Gothic themed sim called Pulse. If you plan a photo shoot soon with a "dark" style i totally suggest you to go there. 
I leave you now with this fantastic mesh dress with tangos applier and a hand full of wonderful accessories that made this "Miserable" the pick for tonights post.
Enjoy your weekend and go outdoors!

Hair from Liquence (300L)

Dress from MAAI (50L - The Dressing Room Fusion)

"Angel Harness" from Tentacio (90L - Perfect Wardrobe. Includes Resizing Menu)

"Skull Cutter Eyepatch" from The Forge (99L. Includes Bronze, Silver and Black Eyepatch with Male and Female Versions. Mod and Copy)

Pauldrons from HANDverk

"Musa Sword Poses" from Musa Poses (140L, 30% Off - We <3 Role-Play. Includes 2 different poses and sword)
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