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Monday, August 5, 2013

Release Your Inner Fantasy

I have to say i am exhausted. This weekend totally drained off my batteries after organizing a huge baby shower but it was super fun plus i can't tell you how excited i am to have a new nephew. I did several hours of shopping, cooking and hosting so when i came back to SL after all this i did even more shopping (i'm such a shopping sicko..i swear).

Reila Skins, Cold Logic and (red)Mint are having huge sales up to 75% off on hair in (red)Mint and 50% off in original mesh clothing in Cold Logic. I still remember when the first mesh clothing began to come out, Cold Logic was one of the first stores selling these and some of my first mesh pieces came from there..and still today i use all of them.
Structure Your Skin, Designer Circle, The Outlet, The Boobies Show, Fi*Fridays, FaMESHED, Acid Lily Gallery, SL Fashion Week, Dressing Room Fusion, Room 69 and The Chapter Four are your other choices if you decide to skip the main stores sales. Don't forget that it's the beginning of the month so new group gifts are coming out and new hunts are about to start!

The popular fashion event, We <3 Role-Play continues it's saga with plenty of discounted clothes, accessories and furniture for all the roleplay peeps. Brand new items are out and just keeps getting better and better. The picks of my post today are SoedaraCerridwen's Cauldron and .{Rue}.. Now..i had the pleasure to blog Soedara several times for her stunning jewelry so the outfit below was far from disappointing me. Sexy, wild and simply perfect for the beautiful gorean "slutlings". Together with this mix of pure sensual content (can't you tell?) the set of Horns from .{Rue}. made a perfect accessory for what i was wearing. These babies come in different colors so i am sure you will find that set close to your heart.
Finally, for my background scenario i had to share this amazing Jazebu and the Lillypads from  Cerridwen's Cauldron that i have been craving for so long. The craftsmanship and textures of these pieces brings up the fantasy side in all of us and make our minds sail to lands that we never been before. YES IT'S THAT AWESOME!
Special mention to the poses from Musa that made this post even more magical!
Don't forget if you want to see the details on the pictures head to The Good Flickr and zoom in :D

"Rogue Sirik" from Soedara (210L, 40% off - We <3 Role-Play. Includes Bracelets & Anklets with particle Chains, Head Mask and Dirty Tat Layer. Choose form 4 Metals for the Studs & Chains)

"Horns/Pyromancer" from .{Rue}. (62L, 50% - We <3 Role-Play. Includes 10 Different Horns, Available in Pyromancer Pack, Salamander Pack and Demon Pack)

Orbs Pose from Musa (110L, 30% Off
- We <3 Role-Play. Includes Pose 001 and 002 with Orbs)

"Jellyfish Jazebu" from Cerridwen's Cauldron (600L -  We <3 Role-Play. Includes Original Size 24x20m 53 Prim E.Q., Reduced Size 17x14m 41 Prim E.Q. and Petite Size 8x6.5 Prim E.Q., Two Color Schemes *Green Basalt and Sandstone, Tinkling Animated Dom, Multi-Pose Custom Bench, Scripted Working Lamp, Bonus: Jellyfish Lamp-Post. High Quality, Partial Mesh with Easy Modding and De-Primming)

"Moon Lotus Set V2" from Cerridwen's Cauldron (435L -  We <3 Role-Play. Includes 2 Prim E.Q. per Patch at Rez Sizes, Pop-Up Menu Controlled: 10 Flower, 10 Pads and Pistilli Variations, Separate Inner and Otter Petals Faces, Pusling Seed Pods, 6 Rez Ready Variantas, Emissive Flower Variants and Pallette)

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