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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rise and Shine with .aisling.

Yup, that's right! The famous rustic furniture store that all gorean community fell in love is back with better and bigger goodies. Today, this wonderful set named "Alpha Bedroom" is the new rising star in .aisling. main store and will charm your bedroom and your rp character. You have the option to purchase the full set for only 1350L and includes a PG and Adult version in this package. If you decide to purchase just the separate pieces you can get the "Alpha Bed",  "Alpha Nightstand", "Alpha Wardrobe" or "Alpha Chest of Drawers" but don't be freaked out because the price is very reasonable for what you get. Don't forget that all the items has it's own textures huds with A LOT of options! 
If you are a .aisling. fan like i am, don't forget that you can find discounted .aisling. items in We <3 Role-Play event or the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that will open in the end of this month.
Check the credits below for detailed information and all the other items that are not part of this set...and tell me how much you love this!

"Alpha Bedroom" from .aisling (1350L. Includes Alpha Bed *3 or 4 L.I.* with more then 120 quality animations with solo/trio/couple from PG to Adult, Texture Hud, Alpha Chest *1 L.I.* of Drawers with Texture Hud, Nightstands *1 L.I.* with Texture Hud and The Wardrobe *1 L.I.* with Texture Hud and Backup Set) 

"Alpha Bed" from .aisling (1100L. Includes Alpha Bed *3 or 4 L.I.* with more then 120 quality animations with solo/trio/couple from PG to Adult with Texture Hud)

"Alpha Chest of Drawers" from .aisling (150L. Includes Alpha Chest of Drawers *1 L.I.* with Texture Hud)

"Alpha Wardrobe" from .aisling (150L. Includes Alpha Wardrobe *1 L.I.* with Texture Hud) 

"Alpha Nightstand" from .aisling (150L. Includes Alpha Nightstands *1 L.I.* with Texture Hud) 

"Fake Bear Rug" from aisling (250L for Fatpack or 75L Each. Available in Black, Blonde, Bonus, Brown, Ginger, Grey & White Bear Rug. With or Without Coll)

"Ron Frame" from aisling (Part of "Ron Set" - Full customizable to make your own pictures. Includes Texture Hud with options to change the Frame and the Picture. 2 land Impact with Modify and Copy permissions)  

"Incense & Candles" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. Includes Mesh Flames and Subtle Incense Smoke. 1 Prim Each, Copy&Mod, Unscripted and 100% Original Mesh)
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