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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

Slowly but surely we getting ready to say goodbye to the summer and soon we will go back to the cozy and warm wool, rain boots and the umbrella..maybe will be a couple of months till we get to that so let's enjoy the last warm sunny weeks we have left.

L'acessories, Black Market, sOhO Market, Genre, Lubbly Jubblies, Outlet Sales Room, Dream Garden, Fashion Stars, Collabor88, Thrift Shop, Feeb's Rascal Room, House & Garden Designer Warehouse, Structure Your Skin, The Garden and The Gallery are the most recent fashion events open just for you! Swing by the ATM before you head to these locations because you will want to buy everything. Ice Cream Festival and Atelier Kresco are two more newly fashion celebrations to add to this longggg list plus E-Motions and Apple May Designs are having some blockbuster sales!

Our dear .aisling. spring out another beautiful creation. The crystal lights sets you will see below comes in different colors and i kind of felt myself already wishing Christmas was here..and who said gor doesn't have Christmas? we do and thanks to .aisling! On your next trip there, don't forget to grab the gifts .aisling. has available and completely free for the Taste The Rainbow Hunt..super fun!

"Yren House" from .aisling (595L - We <3 Role-Play. 35 L.I., 10x13x16 with 3 Floors. Collision Item plus you can walk on the roof and top pillar of the house. Kool Doors System Friendly)

"Barrels" from .aisling (100L)

"Crystal Lights" from .aisling (250L. Package Includes all the colors below and has Copy/Mod Permissions. 1 L.I.)

Diamond Brows and Nails from .aisling (Free - Taste The Rainbow Hunt)
Unicorn from .aisling (Free - Taste The Rainbow Hunt)
Tail from .aisling (Free - Taste The Rainbow Hunt)

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