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Thursday, August 15, 2013


With so many good hunts going on i had to put my hunter side mode on and dig a little bit more into the gifts. The nails, ring and skinny im wearing below are from The Black Fair 2013, the mesh hair came form Alice Project for the Taste The Rainbow Hunt and the Dress Corset came directly from The Pirate Hunt 3. All of these are super cute mesh accessories and not much will come out of your pocket to pay for it.
Dysfunctional Designs released the mesh rearming bow rack that you can see behind me and "Bambi". Super realistic and with low lag scripts, this bow rack will certainly become handy and enhance your role play environment. Available in Dysfunctional Designs main store are other weapon rack models.
Finally, the red armor i'm wearing came from The Muses at the We <3 Roleplay event. "Penghel Armor" is a beautiful outfit that includes the armor i'm wearing and much more.

Lets put the shopping a bit aside and let me share some cultural events going on in gorean sims. Gardar will be hosting a Festival/Carnival with  Tournaments, Dancing Competition, Carnival Games and a lot of other fun things to do this coming Sunday. I hope i get the time to do there and take a peak!
Quill & Quarrel Theater is having a open casting call for the art lovers..i mean you gotta give this project credit for it's originality. With four different productions and played in more then 10 different sims in their first season, i can't wait to see what is this about but if this is something you always wanted to have a taste know..being a actor/actress and all that, contact theRose or QuiterieR to set up your audition.
Finally i wanted to mention about a sim called Gorean Campus. This school offers a number of classes for beginners from combat to roleplay but everybody is welcome. 
Enjoy the evening <3

 Weapon Rack - Bow from Dysfunctional Designs (95L)

Hair from Alice Project (Free - Taste The Rainbow Hunt)

Dress Corset from Vivid (1L - The Pirate Hunt)

Mesh Pants from Crash Republic (Gift - The Black Fair 2013)

Boots from Black Pearls (250L)

Nails With Rings from Chandelle (Gift - The Black Fair 2013)

Big Ring from Maxi Gossamer (Gift - The Black Fair 2013)

Armor and Gloves from The Muses (450L - We <3 Role-Play. Part of
"Penghel Armor" Outfit. Includes Mesh Boots in 7 Sizes, Gloves, Hhand Left Armor, Right Hand Armor, Left Hip Piece, Right Hip Piece, Left Lower Arm Armor, Right Lower Arm Armor, Left Upper Arm Armor, Right Upper Arm Armor, Left Pauldron, Right Pauldron, Mesh Pants in 7 Sizes and Mesh Tunic in 7 Sizes. Available in Black/Red and Brown/Bone)

Necklace from glow (300L)
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