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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bellita by On A Lark

I have to say that on the last couple of days i added tons of new blogs to the Second Life Gorean Feed list. Gor/Medieval blogs are growing very fast and i am super glad to be able to perv other gorean super models and what they wear on the grid. Like i said before, it gives the public a bunch of options and it's a wonderful way to support creators in this area...but..(there always a but) there are other matters in the roleplay world that should deserve the attention we give to clothing and accessories. Per example, a blog about weapons in different realms. This would be a great theme for a blog and i think behind every weapon there's a story starting off with the name chosen for the weapon to how effective is in battle. Another ideas would be..Photographic Blogs and Art Blogs, i mean..we have so many beautiful roleplay sims in second life and this type of blog would be perfect for those who love landscaping photography. Here's one more idea: Furniture blogs! Furniture business in SL is pretty large and with such wonderful decor would be nice to have a blog just focusing on that.
If you thinking about starting a blog, consider these ideas because i'm sure the readers would love it but if your thinking in starting a blog and don't know how to start, keep an eye on The Good Gorean because on the next few days i will be publishing a article about with what i learned so far in Photography Tips and how this whole blog thing works.

Sticks & Stones, Veil of Maya, I C U Cammin (lol, awesome name btw) and Von Strauss are the newly roleplay blogs! Visit them and you will be amazed how great stuff they have to offer. To keep up with the recent posts from all roleplay blogs just visit Second Life Gorean Feed and if by any chance i missed your blog just send me a notecard in SL or im me if im online and i get you added right away.

Now, since today it's Tuesday and just like tradition tells me to, On A Lark is the star of the day and below i'm sharing with you the great deal she has to offer for the 25L Tuesday event. Enjoy!

"Bellita" from On A Lark (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Dress in 6 Sizes, Mesh Gloves in 4 Sizes and Dangle. Available in Harvest, Black, Grey, Coal, Snow, Steel, Eggplant, Berry and Fern)

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