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Monday, August 26, 2013

Till Death Do Us Part

Most of you probably think that the ceremony of free companionship is something that should be celebrated with a lot of joy and fireworks..but according to the gor that Norman wrote about, it is not. There is no marriage as we know it on Gor, but there is the institution of free companionship, which is its nearest correspondent. Such relationships are not taken lightly and they should be surprisingly surrounded only by death and a lot of tears as the Courtship, Negation and Contracts take part in this gorean "love story".
The woman is usually bought from her parents and most of the times was against her will but this situation depends a lot on what part of Gor you are role playing in. 

The Southern Region Free Woman often times runs the house and even businesses of her own and her Free Companion. She owns slaves both female and male and enjoys a life of privilege and rank according to the caste and/or social status of both, herself and her Free Companion. Northern Regions of Gor such as Torvaldsland, the Jarls Woman as a Free Companion is known, sees to the running of the Lodge while the Jarls are at sea. She sees to the fields, the harvests, oversees workings of both, bond-maids and thrall but it is important to be remembered no matter in what Region of Gor a Free Woman resides the Man on Gor is dominant, the woman submissive and in certain cases Free Men looked at their companionship simply as slaves.
 In Port Kar region, such celebration does not exist and instead is only established in the society that certain woman belongs to a certain man.

To follow the ambiance of what is a Gorean Companionship i played around with my inventory and put together this set with a lot of Gorean Evolved into it. This "G.E. Bride" is wearing this fabulous dress from ISON with a hint of war accessories from May's Soul, Innocuous and much more...check the credits for more info and click the pictures for more detailed views!

Hair from Eaters Coma (295L)

Dress from ISON (188L - Collabor88 Event)

Face Chains from May's Soul (30L. Includes Optional Strap, Strap with 12 Color Textures. Available in Copper, Black, Gold and Silver)

Armour from Innocuous (400L, Part of "Shell Outer Armor")

Necklace from glow (150L)

Ring from Needful Things (Old Hunt Prize Item)

Back Shield from GSpot (325L, Part of "Extremely Coy" Outfit)

Head Piece from GSpot (299L, Part of "Dreamy" Outfit)

 “A Gorean free woman does not change her name in the ceremony of the Free Companionship. She remains who she was. In such a ceremony two free individuals have elected to become companions. The Earth woman, as a consequence of certain mating ceremonials, may change her last name. The first and other names, however, tend to remain constant. From the Gorean point of view the wife of Earth occupies a status which is higher than that of the slave but lower than that of the Free Companion.“ 
 Explorers of Gor, Pg 365

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