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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dream Of Athena

So you want to blog but don't know how to start, here is two wonderful blog hosts that do their job perfectly and they are super simple to use: Wordpress or Blogger. You simply set up an account using your email and you will have a blog in 2 seconds. I personally found Blogger easier to use when it comes to custom banners and the design of the blog itself but Wordpress will be a great option too plus you can buy the domain later on and have the web address without "" part in it.

These both blog hosts has already a big number of different pre templates and themes that you can pick from and you can easily upload your own pictures to make the blog your way. Later on when you feel more comfortable with the blog set up i would suggest you to start playing around with the HTML codes and do some research on how to add your custom made pictures.

You set up the account, you pimped out the blog now time to focus on whats important: your posts! All pictures, videos and links are easily added by a touch of a button located inside your "Compose" window SO start playing around with it too, make the alinements, pick the font you want to use, how many pictures you want to add and other little details that in the end will make a HUGE impact.

Few weeks later, you should feel totally comfortable with your blog now it's time to hit the Feeds! Feeds like the SL Gorean Feed are a great way to promote your blog and the more feeds you get your blog added to, the more readers will visit your blog however some of the feeds has rules so make sure you read them before you apply to be added to the feeds (scroll down to see more Fashion Feeds, it's located on the right side). After you get the feed issue done, don't forget to make a Flickr account connected to your blog to help making it even more popular!

Now..lets jump to a very important matter: your second life pictures! Windlights are very essential to how you want to make your picture look like specially if you include landscapes behind your avatar and i have to say that from the huge list of default windlights that our viewers has i personally just use just about 5 of them. Most of my other windlights i downloaded and sometimes i dare to play with them and make a custom windlight. You can find HERE (all mighty Queen of Blogging, Strawberry Singh!) a bunch of packs with different options and how to install them step by's very easy! The more pictures you take and the more you change around your windlight settings, the better you will be. Flickr SL groups are great to help you improve this skill as you analyze other pictures and exchange tips with other bloggers and don't forget to take the best picture possible..this means High Resolution On (Shooting at 4000 x 2355 up), Antialiasing On, Filtering On and Graphic Settings on Ultra.

I hope this was helpful somehow. I am no expert but i figured i would share what i learned so far after almost 2 years of blogging.

Super excited about this outfit below! First off a new release from The Sweet Pea exclusive for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival event, a super cute gift that i found on the Seasons Palette Hunt and new releases from aisling that will be covered in tomorrows post with more detail. I simply loved the head piece that The Sweet Pea made and i already see a ton of different ways to use it! Scroll down to see all the different colors that you can find at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Hair from Calico Ingmann Creations (250L)

Dress Top from Sakide (Free - Seasons Palette Hunt

Skirt from tram (320L)

"Pennden Banner and Shield - Solo" from aisling (225L. Includes 3 Different Designs, 4 Fringe Options, Basic Texture Hud *4 trims+fringe texture change (White, Gold, Black, Silver), 4 Texture to customise the different parts of the shield: Handle, Border and Blade (White, Gold, Black, Silver) with more then 15 different colors.*, Templates to make your own Designs and Solo Shield. Addon HUDS available for 150L each)

"Daerwen Armour - White" from The Forge (350L. Includes Copper Left Bracer, Right Bracer, Chest Belt, Left Pauldron, Right Pauldron, Upper Arm Left and Upper Arm Right. Boots package Includes Boots and Alpha Layer. Male Version Available)

 "Boedicea's Necklace" from The Forge (*Common* - Fantasy Gacha Carnival

"Feather Duster" Head Piece from The Sweet Pea (Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival *Note the default position of the item was modified in the pictures above*)

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