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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stitched Gods Listened To Our Prayers

Are one of those that hates the sound of the horns constantly? I mean..i am sure many times, you got your chat spammed by some random *ssholes constantly clicking your camps battle horns just for the sake of it. Well, look no more and just like i promised i will showing a little more of what you can find at this recent mesh store called Stitched Gods.
First, let me introduce you these beautiful banners. All of these are completely modifiable and the last one of this line is a back banner that is wearable. Includes as well the shadow maps, so you can do YOUR flag, YOUR way!
I mentioned about how annoying horns can be but Stitched Gods came up with a solution for this plus they are good looking mesh horns. The Gjallar Horns can be found in two versions: Functional and Cosmestic but let me give you an idea how the scripted horns works. First you must need to buy the Core system that will contain a Trade Horn, Warning Horn and a Server. This server can be easily set up giving you options like: Phantom, Public use, Group Use, Range, Custom Warning Message, Custom Trade Message and you can even use your own Horn Sounds. Pretty neat, right?'s not all! You can place as many horns around as you want and if you want to add other model's, theres a small horn you can purchase to go with the set...but don't forget that everything has to be connected to the main server and set to the group if you wish to be used only by the group. As you can see these are pretty cool pieces with a reasonable price and all of them will be very helpful during your role play or combat, check the credits below for more details!

Gjallar Horn - Core System from Stitched Gods (600L. Includes Gjallar Horn Server vX, Trade Gjallar Horn, Warning Gjallar Horn and configuration notecard. 3 L.I. with Copy Permissions)

Add-On Wall Gjallar Horn from Stitched Gods (150L. Includes Trade Wall Gjallar Horn, Wall Warning Gjallar Horn and configuration notecard. 1 L.I. with Copy and Mod Permissions)

Banner Bundle from Stitched Gods (1000L. Includes Ansgard Banner, Lothar Banner, Oyvind Banner, Saigremor Banner, Shingen Banner with all the respective Shadow Maps. Available for Purchase in separate packs for 250L each)
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