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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Tavern of Spindius

"Pixie" from May's Soul (150L - Includes Band Leg, Bracelets, Mesh Skirt in 5 Sizes and Mesh Top in 5 Sizes. Available in White, Red, Green, Brown and Black)

"Divine" from May's Soul (150L - Includes Dress in 4 Sizes, Headband and Top. Available in Red, Green, White, Brown, Flower and Blue)

"At a Paga Tavern, one near the great gate, cheap and crowded, dingy and smelling, a place frequented by strangers and small Merchants, the Assassin took the girl by the arm and thrust her within. Those in the tavern looked up from the low tables. There were three musicians against one wall.
They stopped playing. The slave girls in Pleasure Silk turned and stood stock still, the Paga flasks cradled over their right forearms. Not even the bells locked to their left ankles made a sound. Not a paga bowl was lifted nor a hand moved. The men looked at the Assassin, who regarded them, one by one. Men turned white under that gaze. Some fled from the tables, lest, unknown to themselves, it be they for whom this man wore the mark of the black dagger." 
Assassin of Gor, Pg 7/8

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