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Monday, July 29, 2013

Red's Apple Ale

Oh don't get me wrong, this is not a post about the beer commercial that spins on TV every 5 minutes but it's much more then that..even if the real Red's Apple Ale tastes awesome it's something we cannot find in gor BUT we can find yummy tasty gorean ale in every tavern thanks to the acquisition voyages. Beside of celebrating the glory of the gorean ale i went completely red nuts today as i put together this outfit just for you.
To complement the clothing a bunch of golden accessories were added to give my character a Empress or...Ubara feeling to it. Together with all this diplomatic mix and match, new releases from EZ Weaponry and .aisling, gave the needed touch to make this combo just perfect.
The "Glaive of Ulysses" from EZ Weaponry is surely one of the most amazing weapon creations i ever seen. Different from the same ol' usual, artfully crafted and the detailed texturing of this piece, the "Glaive of Ulysses" will make your character stand up and make a difference...forget about boring swords or katanas, this is the future of weapons my dear friends so get ahead of the crowd and get one for yourself today! You can pick between the weapon version from EZ Weaponry that has everything from Tintable HUD to the weapon itself OR just go with The Forge version that includes only the cosmetic version, how neat is that?
Now yesterday i commented in the Rise and Shine with .aisling. post about the items you can find on the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and it only would be fair if i snapped some pictures of some of the items and shared with you. This event will open on the 31st at 3pm SLT so get your Lindens ready and get ready to play some gacha! Check about it all in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Website and now my dear goreans..let's dig on the pics and credits, shall we?

Hair from taketomi (300L)

Skirt from Gor Gurls (200L - Part of "Gor Gets Roped")

Shrug from Meli Imako (Free)

Necklace from Soedara (150L)

 Head Chains from Soedara (145L)

"Glaive of Ulysses" from EZ Weaponry (600L. Includes Scripted Glaive with 40% / 35% Damage, Unscripted Cosmetic Version, Tintable HUD with Resizer Script, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Novo2 Hud)

"Eye of Ulysses" from The Forge (300L. Includes Unscripted Cosmetic Version and Tintable HUD with Resizer Script)

Horns from .aisling (Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

"The Forkbeard himself now, from a wooden keg, poured a great tankard of ale, which must have been of the measure of five gallons. Over this he then closed his fist. It was the sign of the hammer, the sign of Thor. The tankard then, with two great bronze handles, was passed from hands to hands among the rowers. The men threw back their heads and, the liquid spilling down their bodies, drank ale. It was the victory ale"
Marauders of Gor, Pg 82 

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