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Monday, July 8, 2013

Romanus Pontifex

The Greco-Roman, Native Americans, Vikings and even Amazon civilizations has a important influence in the gorean saga written by Sir John Norman. There are many similarities to real-life historical civilizations in various regions of Gor (explained in the books by early "voyages of acquisition" the Priest-Kings undertook to populate Gor with humans from different parts of Earth). The most recent release from [Tia] has a touch of Greco-Roman culture mixed with the Vikings robusty and i simply loved how creative [Tia] got putting together this item. This splendid chair of royalty is all what a gorean Warlord or the most common Master needs! With several options since single sits to couple (dom/sub) poses this fine piece of furniture is ideal for your role play environment. Together with the throne, i picked this gorgeous dress from Senzafine with a couple of accessories from The Forge and GSpot. All of this and much more is available at the We <3 Role-Play event with discounted prices.
*Note that all the items around the Odin's Throne is available at [Tia] Mainstore*

★ Skin from Intuise (Group Gift) ★
★ Hair from ploom (250L)
★ "Eryssel" Elvish Grown from Senzafine (145L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Long Dress in 5 Sizes and 2 Alpha Layers. Available in Rivendell, Mirkwood and Grey Havens.) ★

★"Odin's Throne" from [Tia] (720L for Adult Version or 420L for Cuddle Version - We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Sits, Cuddles, Dances, Dominates and Sex Menu with 40 Quality Animations. 4 Prim Throne, 3 Prim Side Tables and 5 Prim Backdrop. 100% Unique Mesh with Custom Baked Textures.) ★

★ "Sun On A Stick" from GSpot (250L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 7 Flag Colors. Available in Bronze and Black.)
★ "Daerwen Armour" from The Forge (245L, 30% Off Original Price - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Left Bracer, Right Bracer, Chest Belt, Left Pauldron, Right Pauldron, Left Upper Arm Piece and Right Upper Arm Piece. Available in White and Gold. Male Version Available aswell.)


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