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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How Her Garden Grows

For this round of the 25L Tuesday, Sweet Poison is offering this very elegant mesh camisk that is perfectly usable by all free women. Just slap a pair of pants of leggings and off you go wearing this sweet tunic that will only cost you 25L. You have several colors so pick yours or buy them all!
Filthy Skin Store re-open couple of days ago and to celebrate this, the store is offering a skin for all group members. Just join the group (it's free!) and grab a copy of this skin that so well matched in this garden scenario and the wardrobe.
Now..the garden scenario you see behind me is all from our dear Dysfunctional Designs. The several garden plots and scarecrow are available in store and for this edition of the We <3 Role-Play you can find this cute "Lil' Gardening Basket" with a bunch of props and poses to complement the beautiful garden you build or just to give the slaves some chores to do. Scroll down for the details!

★ Skin from Filthy (Group Gift) ★
★ Hair from Liquence (300L) ★
★ "Nuella" from Sweet Poison (25L - 25L Tuesday. Includes Tunic in 5 Sizes, Rope Belt & Alpha Layer. Available in Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Golden and Green.) ★
★ "Lil Gardening Basket" from Dysfunctional Designs (177L, 25% Off Regular Price - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 5 Work & 5 Relax Animations with Wearable Props Included. 1 Prim Each, Copyable, Animated and 100% Original Mesh.) ★
★ Sandals from Skifija (399L) ★
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