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Monday, July 8, 2013

Ruins of Vendara

This post made me a bit nostalgic. Vendara was a old GE sim where i played with other account many moons ago, we had super fun times and even being small crew we had tons of fun. In the group, many of the best bows in gor passed thru there and sometimes i look back and think..damn we really looked like a bunch of noobs. For the good times i spent in Vendara i decided to dedicate today's post with hot new releases from May's Soul and The Forge. Part of the "Pacme" Outfit from May's Soul is featured on the pictures below and this package has casual clothing pieces that you can easily wear with other stuff and that's exactly what i did. The new mesh belt from The Forge was a total match making this outlaw-ish outfit even more wicked. The mesh belt is a must have accessory and goes wonderfully well with any kind of tops or even mesh corsets.

Speaking of new releases: Structure Your Skin, Chapter Four, faMESHed, Fashion Stars, Acid Lily Gallery, Gypsy Market, Mens Department, Fri*Fridays, She & Him, The Dressing Room Fusion, SL Fashion Week, The Box, Designer Circle and Bewbapazzola are the newest shopping event offering tons of great clothing, accessories, skins, hair, etc. Feel free to visit Seraphim blog and flip thru all the pictures..will make your job of picking what you want much easier. I am super excited about Matreya super sale. All clothes and hair are marked down to 50-75% off regular price!

★ Hair from Wasabi Pills (Available at faMESHed) ★
★ Undershirt from BUID  (Not Available) ★
★ Mesh Pants and Vest from May's Soul (200L - Part of "Pacme" Outfit. Includes Mesh Vest & Pants, Top, Necklace and Cuff Arms. Available in Brown, Green, Beige, Red, Blue and Black.) ★
★ Mesh Stomach Belt from The Forge (350L. Includes Stomach Belt Mesh Rigged in 6 Standard Sizes. Mod and Copy. Available for Male or Female.) ★
★ Boots from Kboots (450L) ★

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