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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ron by Aisling

Tal Goreans! Long time no see..yes, i'm still working on moving and hopefully i'll be done soon!
I had these pictures taken few days ago of the "Ron Set" by aisling. This mesh set includes a couch, a side table and a frame. Sounds pretty simple uhm?'s more then it looks like. Each piece has it's own texturing HUD and the couch even brings 4 different HUD's and oh yes..a bunch of animations and props for you to wear and enhance your roleplay. Don't forget to grab these free mesh rugs at
aisling, they are AWESOME!
Did you knew that in the gor world couch's do exist? Slave rings are set at the bottom of each Gorean couch, a way of reminding each and every woman, free or slave, that she is a woman and thus is to be dominated by men.  And should any woman forget that basic fact of Gorean life, the slave ring set at the bottom of the couch is there to remind them that Gor is a man's world. Interesting, right?

Ok..ok..lets go to the fashion update part. The Boutique event is back and better then ever, i was super excited to see [elikatira] part of this fashion event and with new releases! While your out of gor, SL Fashion Week, Perfect Wardrobe, Stuff in Stock, Feeb's Rascals (this one is new, 50% off on all items), Acid Lily Gallery, SOHO and Designer Circle are the other places you can visit. The 100 Block opened last week with super exclusives and super price tags and this will be just once in a lifetime kind of thing :P

Sometimes saying goodbye is sad, but not on the fashion world and specially for us *lol*. Adorkable Poses is hosting a closing sale with an awesome discount of 50% off retail price. :[annaA]: and The Sea Hole are closing doors as well and offering super discounts. 

As for me..i will return with few more releases and good things to share with you all. See you soon-ish <3

★ "Ron Couch" from aisling (Includes more then 150 animations, up to 3 single poses, Couple animations from PG to Adult, Menu optimized for roleplay and 4 Texture Changer Hud's. You will be able to texture change: Top Fur, Armrest Fur, Wood, Cushion, Couch, Blanket and Underside
The couple poses are located in the right and left sit, the middle sit is for single user only and no poseballs! 5 Land Impact and Copy permissions.) ★

★ "Ron Sidetable" from aisling (The sidetable is a prop giver and a decorative item. It will give you and your friends, books, wine and grapes.
There is several models for the book (From the simple book to more mature ones, and of course some full of bad sense of humor) one for each hand (well, the right and the left ones, but if you've got more hands, you can simply add one of them to the attachment of your choice. 2 Land Impact and Modify/Copy permissions. Includes Texture Hud with options to change Tabletop, Cloth, Table and Candle.) ★

★ "Ron Frame" from aisling (Full customizable to make your own pictures. Includes Texture Hud with options to change the Frame and the Picture. 2 land Impact with Modify and Copy permissions.) ★

"Ron Set"  is available for 950L at aisling Mainstore.

★ Mesh Rugs from aisling (Free! - Includes 9 Colors) ★

"I have heard," she said, smiling up at me, "that it is only a Free Companion who is accorded the dignities of the couch.
Assassin of Gor, Page 56 
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