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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

25L Tuesday, The Good Gorean Picks

Ahoy mighty goreans! I came back just in time for another round of the 25L Tuesday shopping event and what a fantastic round of goodies. I picked a few of my favorites as a hopped inside all the stores in the list so here it comes a brief summary of what you can find only today!!!

★ "Chicken Dinner Plate" or "Steak Dinner Plate" from Dysfunctional Designs (25L) ★
★"Farmer Girl Outfit" or "Fairy Light Backpack" from May's Soul (25L) ★
★"The Watcher" from Persnickety (25L) ★
★"Hung" or "Hung 2" Outfits from On A Lark (25L) ★

★"Auca Blue Slave Outfit" or "Katherina Green FW Dress" from Delicious (25L) ★
★Mesh Dress from Gor Gurls (25L) ★
★"Jesi" Outfit from Freya (25L) ★
★"Kei's Torvie Girl" from Kei-Spot (25L) ★
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