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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vart Trainer

Tal once again Goreans. The Good Gorean is taking a short break and the road will take me this time to Atlanta, Georgia but i will return by Monday or Tuesday and during sometime next week a new updated version of the GE Maps will come out.

Many of you already know about this outfit and it has been blogged probably 100 times but because this outfit is so special and so well crafted i took my time and inspiration to seek the right place to take the perfect picture. In my opinion this is one of the most gorgeous female outfits i have seen in the market starting on the way it is shaped to the textures used in every single piece. This outfit brings so many different pieces that is totally easy to mix and match with other outfits so it's well worth the money putting into it. Let me share with you the all the details on the credits below and a big thank you to The Forge for sharing this amazing creation with the bloggers and making our "dolls" super sexy but still like real goreans!

★ Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L) ★
★ Skin from Essences (70L - The Dressing Room Fusion Event.) ★ 
★ "Daerwen Brown/Bronze" Outfit from The Forge (850L Includes Full Outfit, Rigged Tunic & Pants, Unrigged Boots, Belt, Bracers and Armour. Mod & Copy. Available in Brown/Bronze and Black/Silver. Boots, Armour and Belt are available to be purchase separately for 350L and 299L.)★
★ "Jaw Breaker Sword & Shield" from from Ez Weaponry (600L. Includes Jaw Breaker Sword Novo 2.02, Instigator Shield 2.2, Jaw Breaker Sheath with No Anim. and Jaw Breaker Sheath with Anims. Novo 2 Hud & Unarmed Fist Fighter.) ★
★ "Guilded Bow of Jie" from Ez Weaponry (600L. Includes Guilded Bow of Jie, Series Novo 2.02, Quiver, Sheath, Novo 2 Hud & Unarmed Fist Fighter.) ★

"This caste, a sub-caste of the caste of Animal Handlers, is exclusive to the island Ubarate of Tyros. Members of this caste concern themselves with the care, feeding and training of the Gorean vart, a bat-like creature in use upon Tyros, often trained and used as a weapon."

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