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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Torvie Girl by Kei-Spot

Today has been my 8th anniversary in SL! Im still from the time where the flexi hair and flexi skirts was a must have in your inventory. If you have 5+ years in SL you have to agree that this world came long ways and as the time goes by, everything looks super realistic, thanks to mesh of course. I look back and remember the fun times when Siba started to recruit the first gorean females outlaws and The Keldons ruled GE! But as everything else...progress doesn't stop, groups and fashion comes and goes and we just need to adjust and keep up with whats new out there..otherwise your stuck with whats not cool anymore.

Speaking of mesh and fashion, a fresh (or hot?) new month started with a lot of new shopping events. SL Fashion Week, Stuff in Stock, Acid Lily Gallery, Limited Bazaar, The Outlet Room, Fri*Fridays and The Couturier's Docks are the usual monthly events that re-opened recently. Magika is hosting a 50% hair sale, StepinSide is offering super deals on furniture, Pure Poison is pumping with 30% off in all clothing and for all the big mammaries girls Ellemeno is having a super sale going on too. Lubbly Jubblies is the new event added to the list for all the implant lovers. In the fantasy world, We <3 Role-Play is about to open a new round and The Gorean Room has new items on stock that cost no more then ready to spend some L's?

As the 25L Tuesday comes slowly to it's end but i wanted to share with you one outfit that i find very interesting. Usually i am a mono person, meaning that i go with simple textures or simple patterns but sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try other things different then the usual. Luckily, the owner of Kei-Spot sent me a copy of the outfit she has up for the 25L Tuesday of today and as i digged more into it the more i liked it. This mesh creation called "Torvie Girl", is one of the many clothing options Kei-Spot offers and it gets better as you find a lot of other great deals during the week and other special price cuts as the week goes by. If you decide to visit Kei-Spot i am sure you will find something you will love so sail over there to get the today's deal and much more!

 ★"Kei's Torvie Girl" from Kei-Spot (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Fingerless Gloves, Rigged Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Belt, Necklace and Corset. Available in Several Colors.) ★

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