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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pool of Blue Flowers

If you love furniture or other type of decor, The Home Show is for you! On July 1st this awesome event will open with tons of original creations, beautiful designs and a lot of good looking items to choose from. The Home Show is bringing together in 1 spot the best of the best when it comes to home and outdoors decor and of course Dysfunctional Designs had to be part of this.
 Check out the sneak peak of the incoming items that was specially made for this occasion and don't forget to grab your gift!

★ "Octogon Fountain" from Dysfunctional Designs (Coming Soon @ The Home Show) ★

★ "Well-Aged Gazebo" from Dysfunctional Designs (Coming Soon @ The Home Show) ★

★ "Special Lanterns" from Dysfunctional Designs (Free and Coming Soon @ The Home Show) ★

★ Hair from Ploom (250L) ★  
★ Skirt and Top with Tangos Applier from Gor Gurls  (200L)★
★ Mesh Corset from Wild Talender (120L - Part of "Leti" Outfit) ★
★ Sandals from Skifija (399L) ★


"There are, as I mentioned, many pools in the Capacian Baths, and they differ in their shapes and sizes, and in their décor, and in the temperatures and scents of the their waters. The temperature of the Pool of Blue Flowers was cool and pleasing. The atmosphere of the pool was further charged with the fragrance of Veminium, a kind of bluish wild flower commonly found on the lower slopes of the Thentis range; the walls the columns, even the bottom of the pool, were decorated with representations of Veminium, and many of the plants themselves were found in the chamber. Though the pool was marble and the walkways about it, much of the area was planted with grass and ferns and various other flora were in abundance. There were many small nooks and glades, here and there, some more than forty yards from the pool, where a man might rest. I had heard the Pool of the Tropics was an excellent pool in the Capacian; and also the Pool of Ar’s Glories, and the Pool of the Northern Forests; there was even, of recent date, a Pool of the Splendor of the Hinrabians; I myself, however, with one arm about Nela, who nestled against me, felt content with the Pool of the Blue Flowers. “I like you,” she said to me. I kissed her, andlooked again to the ceiling. 

Assassins of Gor, Pgs 163/164 

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