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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ubarate of Bila Huruma

I admit it..i am a skin wh*re! I love to change my looks all the time and try around different creators. If a store has a new group gift available, i'll be the first one to pick it up. If there's a event with discounted skin pack i will hit the road to get there first. Aeva // Heartsick Skins is participating the We <3 Role-Play Event and i had the pleasure to try her work. The Skin Packs has everything you need so forget about the days that you payed 2 to 5k for just 1 skin and a landmark! Teeth, eyelashes, appliers for any kind of breasts, different types of cleavage and much more is included in the package you will purchase and paying no more then 425L for these delightful skins.
To complement a beautiful skin, i had to pick a beautiful dress. G-Spot of course! Two exclusive mesh dresses are available for you with a great discount only at We <3 Role-Play Event...and after throwing some accessories something was missing! My Weapon! A beautiful brand new Axe from EZ Weaponry jam packed with options. More details on the credits below :)

★ "Juno Soil" Dress from G-Spot (120L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 4 Sizes from S to L with Heel or No Heel Option, Headband and Alpha Layers. Available in "Soil" or "Air".) ★
★ Undershirt, Arm Warmers and Shoulder Pads from Cellar Door (100L - Part of Macha Outfit) ★
★ Necklace from G-Spot (299L - Part of Dreamy Rose Outfit) ★
★*Picture 1* Poses from Musa (*30% Off * We <3 Role-Play Event. Available Bow Pose Set *Includes 2 Poses and Bow*, Sword Pose Set *Includes 3 Poses and Sword* and Fantasy Pose Set *Includes 10 Poses*) ★
★ "Axe of Retribution" from EZ Weaponry (600L - Includes Axe Novo 2.03, Great Axe Novo 2.03, Sword Novo 2.03, Axe Sheath with No Animations, Great Axe Sheath with No Animations, Sword with No Animations, Axe Sheath with Animations, Great Axe Sheath with Animations, Sword Sheath with Animations, Novo2 Hud, Unarmed Fist Fighter, AutoFire Gesture, Draw/Sheath Gesture, Hit Report Gesture, Weapon Stance Gesture and Info Notecard.) ★

★ "Egypt Skin" from Aeva // Heartsick Skins (*50% Off Original Price* 425L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 4 Cleavage Options, Dark and No Eyebrow Option, Appliers for Lola's tango, Lush and Puffysl Breasts, Mesh Feet in Matching Tone, Eyelash and Teeth Tatto Layers and Modify Shape. Available in 3 Tones. ) ★

"Have you heard of Bila Huruma?" asked Samos.
"A little," I said.
"He is a black Ubar," said Samos, "bloody and brilliant, a man of vision and power, who has united the six ubarates of the southern shores of Ushindi, united them by the knife and the stabbing spear, and has extended his hegemony to the northern shores, where he exacts tribute, kailiauk tusks and women, from the confederacy of, the hundred villages. Shaba's nine boats had fixed at their masts the tufted shields of the officialdom of Bila Huruma."
"Explorers of Gor" page 17  

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