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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Talender, Thentis and Dinas

If you ever read the Gorean Saga you could notice the many quotes about gorean flora and fauna. Flowers are a important part of gor for it's symbolism and beauty that brings to the world.
Some of the flowers quoted are: Talender, Thentis Veminium,
Desert Veminium, Flaminiums, Flower Tree, Dina, Rence Flowers, Tor Shrub, White Lirillium and Flowers of of the Vine Sea. The Dina per example is also known as the slave flower and this is where comes from the popular "Dina" slave brand that all of us heard about.

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"the dina is a small, lovely, multiply petaled flower, short-stemmed, and blooming in a turf of green leaves, usually on the slopes of hills, in the northern temperate zones of Gor; in its budding, though in few other ways, it resembles a rose; it is an exotic, alien flower; it is also spoken of, in the north, where it grows most frequency, as the slave flower"
Slave Girl of Gor, Page 61
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