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Friday, June 7, 2013


It's Friday! Finally! Time to embrace the weekend and go outdoors..or at least try, i'm not sure if the rain from this tropical storm will allow to enjoy a warm sunshine..we will see.

This summer, Second Life will turn 10 years old so Happy Birthday Second Life! There will be a ton of events going on to celebrate this occasion and as far i remember, last year there was about 10 sims together just to party. Right now the applications are opens for DJ's, Hosts and everything else so check it HERE if your interested in joining the party crew.

Celebrating 10 years old as being a virtual world is BIG deal and just look from where it used to be to where we are now. SL is always innovating and creating new ways to stabilize the virtual life experience and right now "Project Shinning" is the next step to give. Hopefully in the next few months we will be able to experience a faster and sharper rezzing picture..cross your fingers because i want this to happen VERY SOON. The constant blurry textures and rezz time are a dang headache specially for bloggers that use the highest quality that SL allows, to take our purty pictures. Read all about this HERE.

Lets hop into the events world: Funny Pupper Fair, FaMESHed, The Mens Department, Gala #2, Room 69 and Fri*Friday are open but lets focus in the We <3 Role-Play event. I noticed the increase of visitors into the parcel and i was very happy to see a crowd of role players of all kinds together..hopefully more and more will come because seriously, look at the stuff you can find and how you cheap you can buy it. Keep telling your friends, family, dogs and cats about this ;)
Today i'm featuring Envisage, a new store to me but i am loving it more and more and they were kind to put up a gift in the We <3 Role-Play event. Scroll down to the credits and have a great weekend!

★ Rustic Table from Envisage (Free! - We <3 Role-Play Event. Package Includes 1 mesh object with 2 texture resolutions: [[E:L]] Rustic Table 2a (hires) and [[E:L]] Rustic Table 2a (medres)) ★

★ Bottled Candles from Envisage (*25% Off Original Price* 41L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Package Includes 2 single candles. 1 placed in sand within a jar, and 1 in an empty jar. It also contains 2 prearranged sets of 3 candles. These candles are not scripted aside from flame animation.) ★

★ "Crystinfloa Plants" from Envisage (*25% Off Original Price* 112L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Package Includes 24 plant objects. Modifiable for different glow options.) ★
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