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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rence Islands

We are officially less then 10 days away from another round of the We <3 Role-Play event but meanwhile let me share with you few exciting new releases of gorean gear from On A Lark and EZ Weaponry. Don't forget that Fri*Fridays, Dressing Room Fusion, SL Fashion Week, sOhO Sample and Zodiac re-opened recently with new stuff.

★ "Angelica" Dress from On A Lark (350L - Includes Dress in 5 Sizes, Belt in 5 Sizes, Sleeves in 5 Sizes, Rope Belt and Necklace. Available in Black/red, Black/Taupe, Coal/Snow, Midnight/Taupe, Red/Taupe, Snow/Red and Snow/Taupe) ★

★ "Ringer" from On A Lark (350L - Includes Dress in 5 Sizes, Sleeves in 4 Sizes and Texture Hud. Available in Jewels and Natural.) ★

★ "Irdu Blowdart" from EZ Weaponry (500L - Includes Blowdart Novo 2.02, Blowdart Sheath with No Strap, Blowdart Sheath with Strap, Novo2 Hud and Unarmed Fist Fighter. ) ★
EZ WEAPONS - novo2 blowdart

   Same features as our bow for the most part, the script is just as smooth as the bow!

    /1 draw blowdart
    /1 sheath blowdart
    /1 drawsheath blowdart

    /1 range
    /1 short
    /1 lob - switches to the lob arrow [-100 arc and 40m/s speed]
    /1 arc - toggles through the choices, default: 25 [50, 25, 15, -10, -50, -100]
    /1 arc X - use one of the arcs listed above to change to that particular one instantly.

    /1 arrow - toggles between the different arrow choices.

            note:  half splash can still do 3.5m damage but wont report it, direct only arrows will not do splashes even in splash sims
                        no splash still does splash, you just wont get the report of it
    /1 af - toggles between autofire on/off [adds .05 delay per shot] Default: off

    /1 height - it will toggle through the following choices: [0.0, .05, .1, .15, .2, .25, .3]
    /1 height X - simply entering one of the numbers above will select that height instantly.

    /1 damage - will toggle between slave damage and normal dart damage, some sims require "slave" for slaves
                            most accepts normal dart damage for slaves
    /1 reset blowdart - resets bow to default settings.
======Change Logs======
Fixed autofire
Fixed autosheath
Rewrote 90% of the novo script.
New mesh arrows, 3 choices total
Removed position correction
Removed custom arrow speed
Major optimization to the control structure.
Added multiple report types and direct only arrow.
Stripped down to the bare minimum, keeping it low memory while maintaining important functions.
 "The rence islands, on which the communites of rence growers dwell, are rather small, seldom more than two hundred and fifty feet. They are formed entirely from the interwoven stems of the rence plants and float in the marsh. They are generally about eight to nine feet thick and have an exposed surface above the water of about three feet; as the rence stems break and rot away beneath the island, more layers are woven and placed on the surface. Thus, over a period of months, a given layer of rence, after being the top layer, will gradually be submerged and forced dower and lower until it, at last, is the deepest layer and, with its adjacent layers, begins to deteriorate."
Raiders of Gor, page 13
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