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Monday, May 27, 2013

aisling is a bless!

Hey folks! aisling keeps rolling the market with new pretty furniture to complement always our role-play. The "Reading Desk" is a piece that is not very common to see however is very needed to several rp occasions. Perfect for FC Ceremonies and Court Sessions or ideal for every Ubar/Ubara, Group Owner and every roleplayer that has a important role in the village/city. This piece of furniture is definitely a must for every Scribe or Initiate.
If you been keeping up with my blog, you must know by now about the texture huds aisling offers with the furniture and the "Reading Desk" is no exception. Check out the details below for more information and thank you aisling for making me a happier Scribe!

★ "Reading Desk" from aisling (250L. Includes "Reading Desk", "Reading Desk" Backup and Texture Hud) ★
★ Stone Flooring from aisling (150L - Part of "Old Fountain" See post HERE) ★

 "What is a Ubar?" she asked. "A king?"
"More powerful than a king," said Cabot.
Kur of Gor, Page 682
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