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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Wenches

Between hunts and events i found few cute gifts around the grid and yesterday i noticed that a good friend of mine was wearing a gorgeous dress from Junbug. I had to invite her to be part of this evening's post and put all together these good looking accessories and dresses..sorry boys, this is a girls only post!

Thanks to Devynn Rhiano for posing with me!

★ On Pew * Left*
★ Skin from Belleza (Free - Cynful Anniversary Event)
★ Mesh Hair from ChiChickie! (Group Gift)
★Undershirt, Bracelets & Fur Scarf from On A Lark (Part of "Lilith Dress". See Post HERE for more info.)
★ Mesh Dress from Sassy (Free - Little Big Hunt)
★ Ring from Always Eclectic (Free - Color Explosion Hunt)

★ On Devy *Right*
★ Skin from Essences (1500L)
★ Mesh Hair from Magika (250L)
★ Mesh Dress from Junbug (335L. if you joint the store group you will have a 10% cash back. Joining Fee is 100L)

"It should be worth the Courage Scar," said Harold from above, "don't you think so?"
"What?" I asked.
"Stealing a wench from the House of Saphrar and returning on a stolen tarn."
"Undoubtedly," I grumbled. I found myself wondering if the Tuchuks had an Idiocy Scar. If so, I might have nominated the young man hoisting himself up the rope above me as a candidate for the distinction.   
Nomads of Gor, pg 191

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