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Friday, May 3, 2013

a i s l i n g shows it's magic

Hey good looking people! Ready for the weekend? :P
We are 24h away from the opening of We Love Role-Play and it has been a buzz around the sl media. People is already trying to get into the parcel but for now it is closed as the merchants set up the vendors and the last touches are added.

It was a delight to see something new and different to me and i'm referring to a i s l i n g. This wonderful store sells medieval and fantasy roleplay decoration and they are absolutely lovely and fun to have. 
The Herbalist Workshop is a must have for all gorean physicians, the Dear head a cute and realistic touch for your home and the Deandra's Eye can be something original for your gorean sim.
As i travel all over gorean sims i notice most of the times that something is missing, something that should be displayed with pride but there is no where to find this particular object. I talk of Gorean Home Stones. Home Stones are a rock or even a large precious stone that has carved in it a letter that represents the family sign. A Home Stone represents sovereignty, and marks territory and all goreans respect the ideal of what a Home Stone represents (ty wikipedia). Deandra's Eye to me is a perfect version of what the Home Stone should be like. Don't you agree?

The furniture below will be on display for the We Love Role-Play with great discounts, tons of texture options and of course...mesh quality. Take my advice and get open your wallet for just the few lindens you have to give out in exchange of this wonderful set by a i s l i n g.

★ "Herbalist Worktable" from a i s l i n g. (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. 40% Off. Includes Hud with multiple Texture options, Resize option, Shadow option and Shelf option.) ★

★ "My Dear Deer" from a i s l i n g. (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. 40% Off.) ★

★ "Deandra's Eye" from a i s l i n g. (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. 40% Off. Includes Hud with multiple Trunk, Metal and Crystal Texture options, Resize option and Shadow Option. Includes RP and and Regular Version.) ★

 "Later," said my father, "Home Stones were used for villages, and later still for cities. The Home Stone of a village was always placed in the market; in a city, on the top of the highest tower. The Home Stone came naturally, in time, to acquire a mystique, and something of the same hot, sweet emotions as our native peoples of Earth feel toward their flags became invested in it."
  Tarnsman of Gor, page 26

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