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Thursday, May 23, 2013

aisling Satisfies You

Every time i move to a new house (real house :P) the first thing i have to unpack is the kitchen and i'm guessing it goes like that to all and kitchens are best friends!!

Now, in Second Life works the same way! I always need to have a pretty kitchen with top of the line stuff..of course, not like we have many stainless steel appliances in gor but we do have rustic good looking kitchen accessories. Few days ago i posted about the Chimney HERE by aisling and tonight, this cooking table complements perfectly the Chimney. Put these two together and you are half way to have the prettiest kitchen in gor. Just like the Chimney, this Cooking Table has a hud with tons of textures to choose from. Take a peak at the pictures below and tell me i ain't right?

★ "Cooking Table" from aisling (350L. Includes "Cooking Table"; "Cooking Table" Backup and Texture Hud) ★


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