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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Caste of Rug Makers

Collarbor88 has a new round of good deals..or maybe not so good after all. I didn't had the opportunity to go there because the sim has been full however The Blogging Elf made a review of this event. I was surprised to see the prices on some of the items as i read her post, visit her blog and tell her what you think about this topic.
If you decide to skip Collarbor88, the Limited Bazaar and Acid Lilly Gallery might be good options for you to shop around. 

 For this evening, i decided to make a super post about aisling furniture because i can't get enough of these beauties. The furniture featured below are "Chimney" and "Fake Bear Rugs". Both of them are 100% mesh and you got a bunch of texture options to choose from.

★ "Chimney" from aisling (450L. Includes "Chimney"; "Chimney" Backup and Texture Hud) ★

As you can see by this picture above, the Texture Hud *left upper corner* is pretty detailed. You can choose by changing the Wood, Stone, Marble and the Floor with the texture you want. Do not be worried about others changing the textures because only the object owner can switch textures. 
What about all the scripts running, you ask? Well..a delete script option is included in this hud. When you complete "pimpin" out your home just hit delete scripts and poof, all gone.
This is not all...the HUD controls both fires, you got a shadow option and a resize option as well. PHEW...this is awesome!

★ "Fake Bear Rug" from aisling (250L for Fatpack or 75L Each. Available in Black, Blonde, Bonus, Brown, Ginger, Grey & White Bear Rug. With or Without Coll.) ★

 All these beautiful mesh rugs comes with a resize option but don't forget the larger you go more land impact you will get.

"The carders and the dyers, incidentally, are subcastes separate from the weavers. All are subcastes of the rug makers, which, itself, interestingly, perhaps surprisingly, is accounted generally as a subcaste of the cloth workers.
Rug makers themselves, however, usually regard themselves, in their various subcastes, as being independent of the cloth workers. A rug maker would not care to be confused with a maker of kaftans, turbans or djellabas."
Tribesmen of Gor, Page 49 - 50 

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