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Friday, May 3, 2013

[HANDverk] scales the role-play mountain

Long time ago when i started my fashion "routine" in second life i visited the home of the  Unknown Outlaws @ Sylvanas (lovely sim btw, visit it), one of ladies in that group was wearing a gorgeous arm fur and i was like "I want that!!!!" After a lot of clicking and inspection i came to know about this great store called [HANDverk]. That was my first contact with the store and i lost track of time when i landed there. Lovely accessories for all tastes so when you visit it i promise you won't be disappointed. The arm fur is still available for only 175L and you can choose from different textures BUT today i'll be focusing in this beautiful pauldrons that will be available for the...? You got it right, We Love Role-Play.
I have to say that was a great pick from the store owners since this type of accessory became very popular among the gorean crowd. You will have 5 colors to pick from but for now take a look at the preview pictures below.

★ Skin from Panda Punx (Group Gift) ★
★ Mesh Hair from Truth (75L - Sale) ★
★ Mesh Top from {TORN} (Gift - Avenue Magazine Readers)
★ Skirt from Sakide (180L)
★ Necklace from Pure Poison (Subscriber Gift)
★ Pauldrons from [HANDverk] (Coming Soon @ We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Large and Small Sizes. Available in Black, Gold, Silver, Copper & Brown.) ★


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