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Sunday, April 7, 2013

North Salt Line

Every store has its unique characteristic but let me tell you about this special one. Every outfit that you purchase from Delicious is slam packed with goods and it makes your money worth big time. Per example, the new releases i'm featuring below are just a version of the outfit that you actually buy. The dresses has about 2 to 3 different kind of skirts, the textures and shapes are different and all the tops as well. Adding to all of this, theres always a few accessories you can find like hoods, shoes, capes, etc..depending on the model of course and YES there are mesh items in the packages, SO summing it up you have about 2 or 3 different outfits per each model you buy, that's awesome, right? These two releases are exclusive for free women and a perfect fit for players that are constantly playing either in GE or BtB.

★ "Evelyn" from Delicious (250L - Includes Underwear Set, Blouse, Vest, 2 Skirts, Hood, Cape, Shoes, Pendant, Shoulder Pads, 2 Sets of Sculpt Sleeves and Veil. Available in Blue, Bordeux, Green & Chocolate)

★ "Alba" from Delicious (250L - Includes 2 Flexy Skirts, 2 Pants, Blouse, Jacket, 1 Mesh Skirt, Umbrella, Vintage Underwear, Shoes, Hood & Veil)

 "Torcodino, on the flats of Serpeto, is a crossroads city. It is located at the intersection of various routes, the Genesian, connecting Brundisium and other coastal cities with the south, the Northern Salt Line and the Northern Silk Road, leading respectively west and north from the east and south, the Pilgrim's Road, leading to the Sardar, and the Eastern way, sometimes called the Treasure Road, which links the western cities with Ar."
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 101

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