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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tatrix of Tharna

★ Mesh Hair from Magika (250L)
★ Mesh Coat from !gO! (244L)
★ Mesh Pants from May's Soul (100L)
★ Boots from Mon Tissu (385L)
★ Crown & Necklace from May's Soul (70L - The Gorean Room Event *I modified the color of the roses*)
★ Poses from elephante poses  (Free - Pose Fair 2013)
 "On the throne itself there sat a woman, proud, lofty in haughty dignity, garbed regally in majestic robes of golden cloth, wearing a mask not of silver but of pure gold, carved like the others in the image of a beautiful woman. The eyes behind the glittering mask of gold regarded me. No one need tell me that I stood in the presence of Lara, Tatrix of Tharna."
"Outlaw of Gor" page 38

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