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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love War

OhAI there! Hope y'all had a great weekend because mine was long and tiring as heck. As I'm gonna move pretty soon in real, the wonderful house packing begins meanwhile while i take breaks i jump to SL just to check on on stuff!

A cool hunt is going on for guys! Mr Hunter is rolling it's 4th edition of the event and like the past hunts, this one has some kicking ass prizes. You can visit the Mr. Hunter Blog to check the preview of some of the gits but i advise as well to visit this blog: Fashion + Freebies for Men because they made a wonderful coverage of this hunt.

.the event. HOLLYWOOD is another event i want to highlight today. If you visit this one be prepared for the massive lag and don't forget to grab the swagbags around the participating stores. Emo-tions has a cute hair for free and there's A LOT of earth clothing you can grab without spending a penny. I been waiting for the darn lag to calm down and do some "gor" shopping but meanwhile that doesn't happen, i was able to snatch some gifts near the landing area *Check pictures below*.

If you decided to skip .the event. HOLLYWOOD, the Limited Bazar, Fri*Fridays and SL Fashion Week are other great events that refreshed their stock this weekend. Before i run out, Belleza is doing a special price in some of her skins. Each pack has different skin tones and 3 makeups for only 400L.*screams*

  ★ Skin from Ryuukou (Easter Gift) ★
★ Mesh Hair from Truth (200L - FaMESHed Event) ★
Eyes & Eyelashes from REDGRAVE (Gift @ the.event Hollywood)
★ Bleeding Mascara from BomBom (Store Closed)
★ Big Mole from Delicious Skins (Part of Bronte Skin Pack. See Post HERE)
★ Mesh Shirt & Vest from Kapone (Group Gift) ★
★ Mesh Pants with Suspenders from Kapone (Group Gift) ★
★ Boots from Mon Tissu (Group Gift) ★
★ Eyepatch from May's Soul (30L)
★ Slingbelt from DECO (150L) ★
★ Waist Belt A.S.S (Gift @ Avenue Magazine HQ) ★
Scarf from [UD] Clothing (Part of Torn Outfit *Not available anymore?*) ★

 "The institution of Love War is an ancient one among the Turians and the Wagon Peoples...The games of the Love War are celebrated every spring..."   
Nomads of Gor, 115.

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