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Monday, April 8, 2013


★ Mesh Hair form Truth (250L)
★ "Ordinary" Outfit from The Sweet Pea (*New Release* 200L - Includes Top & Shorts in XXSmall, XSmall, Small, M& Large. Belt, Flower Nom & Alpha Layers. Available in Purple, Orange, Teal, Pink & Blue)
★ Boots from The Sweet Pea (300L *Part of Ada Outfit*)
★ War paint from <Kun> (20L)

"The girls moved swiftly, single file, through the brush and small trees at the edge of the forest. I could feel leaves and twigs beneath my feet. They stopped only long enough to lift aside some branches and take up the light spears, and bows and arrows, which they had hidden there. Each girl wore, too, at her waist, a sheathed sleen knife.
The tall, blond girl, Verna, beautiful and superb, led the file, her bow and a quiver of arrows now on her back, her spear in hand. Sometimes she would stop to listen, or lift her head, as though testing the air, but then she would resume her journey."
Captive of Gor   Book 7   Page 122

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